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Send Get-Well Cards to Sick Kids

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send cards to kids in hospitalBrighten the day of a seriously ill child in hospital, by sending a get-well greeting card!


The life of a sick child in hospital can be very depressing. When a sick child remains hospitalized for months, they often suffer from severe loneliness, as well as dealing with their illness. Visits from family and friends may drop off, as the months drag on. Sometimes a child is sent to a hospital far away from home, where their family cannot afford to visit often.

By sending a get-well card to a child in hospital, you can make a huge difference in their life! Your message of caring can cheer a hospitalized kid, and give them the inspiration to live another day.

Things to Keep in Mind

Since some chronically ill children may never recover, be careful about how you word your "get-well" message. In fact, your card should aim to cheer-up the child without actually saying "get well soon". Instead, "Thinking of You" and "Friendship" cards convey the spirit of "get-well soon" without raising false hope in children who may never get better.

Be considerate of the child's personal interests when writing your card. Each of the websites listed below provide biographical details about individual children (such as favorite cartoon characters, hobbies, etc.), that you can use to create a personalized message. Knowing that you share an interest with them, and know something about them as a person, can make a hospitalized child feel special and loved.

Also keep in mind that laughter truly can be the best medicine, for a chronically ill child. Keep your message light and cheerful. Jokes are always fun for children. There are many appropriate children's jokes on Aha Jokes.

Finally, all get-well greetings must be sent through postal mail. Ecards are generally not accepted (but check the guidelines for the hospital or organization you are working with).

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