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Throw a Red Carpet Party

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party theme plan for red carpet partyA red carpet party theme is fabulous, glittery and glam! Here are some ideas for making a Hollywood-style party happen at your house, including suggestions for the invitations, decorations, food, party games and more.


Tip: You can use this party theme "just because", but it works great for a friend's birthday too - just make her the "guest of honor".

The Invitations

Make invitations on the computer, use your favorite social messaging service, or go old school and cut stars out of silver or gold cardboard and print the details. Ask guests to "dress to impress" for the "Red Carpet Birthday Party"! Or, you could ask them to dress as their favorite movie star. Encourage everyone to wear their sunglasses at night.

The Decorations

Create a red carpet! Buy some cheap red material at a fabric store. Scatter confetti stars (available at party shops) all over it.

Decorate coffee tables and other surfaces with large silver and gold star cutouts either purchased or homemade.

Buy some glitter confetti at a party store and glam up every surface available! Toss it on the buffet table, the dance floor, wherever.

A red carpet party needs celebrities! Go to a theater or a video store and pick up movie posters they're no longer using. Often these places will give you the posters for free. You can also print pictures of your favorite celebs off the Internet.

If this is going to be a birthday party, give the birthday girl the "star treatment" by draping her with a cheap feather boa (available at party stores) when she arrives. So glamorama!

Got a friend who's great at Photoshopping? Get them to put together pics of you (and your guests, if you have shots of them) with famous people. Print and tape these up, or put them in frames and leave them casually on the buffet table, the bathroom counter, the coffee table, etc.


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