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How to Burn Calories While Sitting at Your Desk

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how to burn calories and strengthen muscles while sitting down at a deskWant to burn calories and tone your muscles while sitting at your desk? We share a series of exercises to help you improve your fitness while you work or study, so you can get a better body while you're taking care of business!

The following exercises were designed to strengthen your muscles, and can be done while sitting down at your desk at work, in class or at home. Do them as often as you want - the more time you repeat the exercises, the better shape you will be in! Remember to breathe normally while doing each move to get the maximum stress relieving benefits, too.

Tip: You'll need a rolled up towel for a couple of these exercises.

Butt Squeezes

This butt workout move works to tighten your tushy while you're sitting down!


Sit in your chair with good posture (back straight), looking straight ahead. Then simply clench your butt muscles, squeezing your cheeks as hard as you can. Hold for ten seconds, or as long as you can maintain a super-tight squeeze. Release and repeat.

Aim to do ten butt squeezes in a row.

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