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Dream Dictionary: Whiskers - Wings

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To have a dream about whiskers suggests bad luck or difficult times. There may be one or more females who are causing trouble for you, perhaps through gossip.


To dream of people whispering suggests there is gossip surrounding you.


To hear a whistle (or someone whistling) in your dream foretells shocking or surprising news that will alter your plans. To dream that you are whistling symbolizes joy and pleasure.


The color white represents purity, perfection, peace, innocence, awareness and new beginnings. If your dream prominently features the color white, you may be experiencing a reawakening or have a fresh outlook on life.


If you dream of having whiteheads on your skin, it means that you are worrying over trivial matters. To see others with whiteheads on them means that you will be troubled with complaints from friends and acquaintances. To dream that you are popping your whiteheads, indicates that you need to face and express your negative emotions.

White House

To dream about the White House symbolizes authority, power and control. It may also represent your own personal views and opinions of the President and his actions.


To dream about having a wife signifies discord and unresolved issues in a relationship. A dream of someone else - such as a boyfriend or crush - having a wife, suggests that you are unconfident about your abilities to hold someone's attention. If you dreamed of being a wife, or getting married, look up "Marriage" or "Wedding".


To dream that you are wearing a wig symbolizes deception and false impressions. You may be taking on other people's ideas and opinions and trying to pass them off as your own. You are not being true to your own beliefs. You need to start thinking for yourself.


To dream that you win a victory, foretells that you will successfully resist the attacks of enemies and you will be successful in love.


Wind in a dream represents the dreamer's energy for starting new projects and taking new paths in life. How strong the wind is suggests how willing the dreamer is to take her life in new directions (strong wind = very open to change).

Wind Chimes

If the sound was pleasant and tuneful, a dream of wind chimes foretells better times ahead. But if they were discordant, be prepared for a period of hard work without much joy.


Dreaming of a windmill is a good omen of contentment and modest financial security. However, if the windmill was damaged or you were endangered by it, this is a symbol of wasted energy and suggests that you should rethink the direction of your efforts.


Looking through a window represents insight and attitude towards life. What you see out the window - whether it's a positive or negative view - suggests how optimistic or pessimistic you are in general.

If you dreamed of a locked window, consider which side you were on. Being locked in often represents some troubles of your own making, or that someone is keeping secrets from you. Being locked out suggests that you will have a change of location.

To dream of opening a window is a positive omen. It symbolizes new beginnings and a way out of current difficulties.

To dream of closing a window suggests that you are craving privacy. You may also be giving up on something that is not working out for you.

To dream of jumping or climbing out a window predicts that whatever your troubles are, you will find an unexpected way to overcome them.

To dream of climbing in a window means a new opportunity will soon come your way.

To see shattered or broken windows symbolizes unhappy times and disloyal friends.

A foggy window suggests that you are keeping aspects of yourself hidden from other people.

Tinted window(s) represent your need for privacy and your ways of getting it. You may prefer to present a mysterious front to others.

Window Wipers

To see window wipers in your dream represents your ability to clarify a situation and shed some perspective on an issue.


If you dream of drinking wine, a great and positive change will take place in your life.


If you dream that you have wings, you are worried forr the well-being of a loved one who has traveled away. To see the wings of birds in your dreams symbolizes that you have overcome your struggle to attain wealth and recognition.

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