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Dream Dictionary: Traveling - Trophy

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To dream that you are traveling signifies that you enjoy what you do (hobbies, career, interests) and find much pleasure in it. To dream that you are traveling through an unknown area represents your rivals who are lurking around you. To dream that you are traveling in a car filled with people suggests that you will make new and fun friends and have many exciting adventures. To dream that you are traveling in a car by yourself signifies troubling matters ahead for you. Also see "Time Travel."


To see a tray in your dream suggests that you have been spending too much money on unimportant purchases. If you dream of cleaning a tray, this suggests that you are moving on and planning for the next thing that comes your way.


If you dream of walking on a treadmill, you will come into possession of a much desired object. If the treadmill is going too fast for you to keep up, you feel overwhelmed by daily stresses.


A dream about discovering treasure is very powerful and has this meaning: if the dreamer can interpret the clues of the dream, she will discover a hidden talent or ability in herself.


Lush green trees in your dreams symbolize new hopes, growth and desires. For more dream meanings about trees, continue reading below.

If you dream of climbing a tree, you will achieve your career goals and reach those high places in society. The degree of difficulty to which you climb the tree will measure the speed of your achievement of these goals.

To dream of planting a tree suggests that you are seeking spiritual nourishment.

To dream that you cut down a tree means you are wasting your energy, time, and money on foolish pursuits.

A talking tree (or talking to a tree) in your dream is a messenger from your unconscious mind. Pay attention to what the tree says, for they are trying to help you to trust your instincts and intuiton, and possibly warning you of dangerous or negative emotions that you have absorbed from others.

If you dream of a fallen or dead tree, this suggests that you are off balance and out of sync. You need to get yourself sorted out and headed in the right direction again.


If you dream of being in a treehouse, you are in a positive phase of self-development and becoming the person you are meant to be. You are concentrating on your own individuation. To dream of building a treehouse represents your desire to get away from the problems of everyday life and find a sanctuary where you can feel peaceful. In this case, redecorating your room to make it more pleasant will be very benificial to you. This building dream can also foretell success in social situations.


To see a trench in your dream signifies that you need to be cautious around strangers. Someone treacherous is out to do you no good.


To dream that you are trespassing, suggests that you are forcing your beliefs on others. It may also mean that you are being a bit smothering, and need to give someone their breathing room.


If you dream of being on trial, you are too self-critical and should be nicer to yourself. If you attend or watch a trial in a dream, you haven't yet made up your mind about whether you like someone you've met in real life.


To see triangles in your dream refers to your hopes and your potential. Triangles are also symbol of spirituality, and the union of your body, mind, and spirit. If you're experiencing a love triangle in your real life, your dream may refer to this. Also see "Love Triangle"


To dream about a tribe represents the instinctual and untamed aspect of your character. You may be craving more freedom, or want to take your own path in some situation. If the dream felt threatening, you could be experiencing some social pressure.


If you dreamed of playing a trick on someone, your success will be delayed. If you were the subject of the trick, you will have control over a new situation. Be wise in using this unexpected power, because if you try to go too far and take advantage of others, it will backfire on you!


To dream that you are trick-or-treating suggests that you need to learn to express yourself more freely. Your inhibitions may be limiting how much progress you can make toward your personal goals. If others were trick-or-treating in your dream, you have the ability to take control of a real-life situation.


To see a tricycle in your dream, indicates a release from tension in your life. It may also symbolize a carefree nature.


See "Clumsy" or "Vacation"


To see triplets in your dream, foretells that you will have success in situations where you expected failure. If you dreamed of giving birth to triplets, you will succeed in business and wealth, but have troubles in love. To hear or see crying triplets in your dream, signifies the happy end of a disagreement.


To dream of playing a trombone forecasts a sudden and surprising change in your life. However, if you play the trombone in real life, this dream has no special meaning.


To see a troll in your dream is a signal of distressing times.


To see trophies in a dream, suggests that some pleasure or fortune will come to you through the efforts of mere acquaintances.

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