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Dream Dictionary: Sink - Skunk

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To see a sink in your dream. represents your feelings and how you control your emotions. You may need to cleanse yourself of past feelings and start fresh. If the sink was full of water, you may experience some family troubles or disappointment in love. However, if the sink was empty, your dream more likely has a positive meaning.


To hear sirens in your dream, represents a situation or problem that is causing you much stress. The sirens may serve to get your attention and encourage you to focus on the problem at hand.


To see your sister in your dream, symbolizes some aspect of your relationship with her. If you two have different relationships with your parents, your dream may be calling attention to your feelings about that. Or, someone you just met could have qualities similar to your sister. If you do not have a sister and dream that you have one, then it signifies some qualities that you need to find or develop within your own self. Pay attention to the actions and behavior of your dream sister, for they are your biggest clue about what those qualities might be.


To dream that you are sitting, indicates your indecision and not knowing what you want to do with yourself in the near future. It may also suggest that you are being idle.


The number six in dreams represents harmony and happiness at home.


The number sixteen represents innocence and tenderness. It also suggests spiritual cleansing, destruction of the old and birth of the new.


To dream that you are skateboarding, indicates the ups and downs of some emotional situation or relationship. If you zip along with no crashes in your dream, it means you have the strength and energy to achieve your goals in life.


To dream that are skating symbolizes your ability to maintain a good balance in your life. If you dream that the ice cracks under your feet while you are skating, or if you fall through the ice, it is a warning against trying to advance at the expense of others. Also see "Rink"


To dream of seeing a skeleton represents illness or injury at the hands of others, especially enemies. To dream that you are a skeleton means that you are worrying too much over things that are trivial. Also see "Skull."


Dreaming that you are skiing, suggests that you are pushing yourself and putting your mental and/or physical ability to the test. You are your own fiercest competitor. Also see "Ski Lift", below.

Ski Lift

To dream of riding a ski lift predicts happiness and prestige through hard work. If you fell off the lift in your dream, there will be difficult obstacles on the road to achieving your goals.


Smooth attractive skin in a dream signifies happiness in love or family situations. Blotchy skin suggests emotional difficulties and a need to unsnarl your love life. Peeling skin predicts a period of unhappiness, that will be followed by a rewarding new relationship. Also see "Sores"

Skinny Dipping

To dream that you are skinny dipping (swimming naked) suggests that you are anxious about being "found out". You're nervous that others will find out about your activities and expose you for having bad judgement. This is especially true if you were skinny dipping in a public place. If you dream that you are discovered skinny dipping and you try to cover up, you are feeling vulnerable in some situation.


A dream that you are skipping usually suggests your need to be more light-hearted. In some cases, the dream may indicate that you have skipped something important. Also see "Skipping Rope", below.

Skipping Rope

To dream that you are skipping rope, suggests that your sensational escapades will shock your friends. If you dream of skipping rope with young children, this represents your selfish and boastful qualities.

Skipping School

To dream of ditching/skipping school may indicate that you have skipped something important or avoided your responsibilities - have you done the right thing in a situation?


To dream that you are wearing a skirt, represents the signals that you are conveying or sending out. Consider the condition of the skirt and you'll get a clue to the impression you are making on others.


To dream of a skull predicts that you will accidentally uncover a secret that you would rather not know. Be extremely careful how you use or react to it, as your handling of the situation could affect your future. Also see "Skeleton."


To see a skunk in your dream, suggests that you may be driving people away or turning people off. Alternatively, it indicates that all is calm about a certain situation but you do not necessarily like it or agree with it.

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