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Dream Dictionary: Road - Roman Numerals

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To see a road in your dream indicates your sense of direction and the pursuit of your goals. If the road you see in your dream is winding and bumpy, you will encounter unexpected obstacles on the way to achieving your goals. To see a smooth road bordered by green trees and flowers is lucky, symbolizing a steady progress up the social ladder. If the road is straight and narrow, then it means that your path to success is going as planned.


If you dream of seeing roadkill, an aspect of yourself is being repressed. You feel that you are not able to fully express your desires and emotions.

Road Trip

To dream that you are taking a road trip, is symbolic of your life's journey. If the dream was generally positive, this suggests that you are headed in the right direction in your life. This dream can also suggest that you have a tendency to worry needlessly over situations that will work out fine in the end. To dream that you are the person driving the car on a road trip, signifies that you are in complete control of a particular situation in your waking life.


To dream of a robbery - especially if you are robbed in the dream - means you are experiencing some kind of identity crisis. This dream can also mean that you must be careful not to spread gossip or tell your secrets to strangers, or your enemies will hurt your reputation.


To see or wear a robe in your dream represents personal needs or privacy issues. It also relates to intimate situations and your need to confront and deal with them.


To see a robot in your dream, indicates that you are going about life in a mechanical and rigid way. You have lost the ability to express your feelings. Alternatively, a robot may symbolize the way you view your school or working life.


To see rocks in your dream, may signify that you are feeling solid in a relationship, or making a commitment to a person or a cause. However, rocks may also symbolize stubbornness, disharmony and unhappiness. Look to the other details of your dream for clues. Also, certain specific rock dreams have definite meanings:

If you dreamed that you had trouble moving a big rock, or getting around or over it, you will have to face many difficulties and you must patiently work past every one in order to reach your goals. Patience is the key!

To dream that you are climbing a steep rock, signifies struggles and obstacles ahead.

To dream of falling rocks is a sign of important changes coming.

Rock Climbing

To dream that you are climbing a steep rock, whether indoors or outdoors, signifies struggles and obstacles in your path. However, it also suggests that you have the determination and ambition to overcome your problems, if you stay focused.


To see a rocket shooting up into the air in your dream represents faithfulness in marriage or the winning over the heart of your crush. Your plans or ideas may also be taking off and you are quickly achieving success.

Rocking Chair

To see an occupied rocking chair in your dream signifies friendly surroundings and gentle pleasures. To see a vacant rocking chair in your dream foretells of grief and estrangement.

Rocking Horse

To dream of a rocking horse foretells happiness with friends and family. It may also suggest you are trying to hang onto childish pleasures, as life starts moving quickly for you.

Rock Star

A dream of being a rock star means friendships are going well. To see a famous rock star in your dream, symbolizes a sense of belonging. To understand the deeper meaning of your dream, think about whether you were chasing the rock star (wanting to belong), accepted by him/her (feeling like you belong) and so on. Of course, this might also be a straight-forward dream of romantic attraction.


Dreams about rodents foretells trouble through active but hidden jealousy. The exception is if the rodent was white - that means you will be protected by friendly forces. If you heard rodents gnawing but didn't actually see them, the dream is a warning that you are wasting your time in meaningless pursuits.


To dream of participating or watching a rodeo is generally positive. If you ride a bull, the longer you stay on its back, the better able you are to thrive amidst social chaos. If you are injured in the dream rodeo, pay attention to which body parts you hurt - and look up the symbolism of that body part in this Dictionary to get a full idea of your dream's overall meaning.

Roller Blading / Roller Skating

To dream of roller blading, especially outdoors, signifies that you are moving through life with ease and purpose.

Roller Coaster

Dreams about roller coasters mean that a friend in real life is causing you concern by acting erratically. To dream of a broken or malfunctioning roller coaster means that you are not handling a certain situation as well as you could.

Roller Rink

To dream of a roller rink warns that a fickle friend will disappoint you.


To dream about romance and love - or being in a romantic movie, book or story in your dream - suggests intense feelings carried over from a waking relationship. It implies happiness and contentment with what you have and where you are in life. On the other hand, if you're not in a love relationship in real life, this dream suggests that you are not getting enough affection in your daily life. Hug someone!

Roman Numerals

If you dreamed of Roman numerals and can't remember the numbers they represented after waking up, this predicts a period of confusion and surprises regarding the affairs of others. If you do remember what the numbers were, this foretells good luck and opportunities to improve your circumstances ahead. Consider what the numbers might represent - or who they could relate to - in your real life.

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