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Dream Dictionary: Pie - Pink

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To see a pie in your dream foretells that there will be some reward for your hard work.


To dream about a pier represents self-reflection and your unconscious mind. You are ready to explore your spirituality and grow as an individual.


Dreams about getting pierced can simply reflect your wish to do this in real life. This dream can also mean you will experience feelings of distance with a friend, because of differences in your personalities. If you dream of someone else getting pierced, it indicates jealousy of that person or something they have. If you dream of getting your tongue pierced, it could mean you have been gossiping or lying and you should stop.


Dream pigs symbolize strength and confidence. To dream of being a pig is an extremely lucky omen meaning long life and vitality. Also see "Pig Sty".


To see or touch a pigeon in your dream suggests that you are taking the blame for the actions of others. Pigeons also represent gossip or news.


If you dream of riding piggyback on someone of the opposite sex, it could symbolize your attraction to them. This dream may also indicate that you are going along with another's plans and ideas.

Piggy Bank

To dream of a piggy bank symbolizes greediness and missed opportunities. It may also be a sign that you have been acting selfishly, or being overly stubborn.

Pig Sty

To dream of seeing a pigsty suggests that you are involved in a messy situation. It may also suggests that some internal cleansing is needed. If you were in the pig sty, you are feeling weighed down by a situation, problem, or relationship. If you got mud on your clothing in the dream, it is a sign that your reputation is being attacked.


A dream of putting/wearing your hair in pigtails predicts a new friendship coming into your life. But to dream of seeing/putting someone else's hair in pigtails foretells a disagreement.


If you dreamed of putting things in piles or seeing piles of things, your dream is warning you about a forgotten (or neglected) obligation which could suddenly embarrass you. Take care of what you need to, and don't compromise your integrity for the sake of passing pleasures.


To see a pilgrim in your dream indicates a spiritual journey. You are working towards a greater understanding and awareness of yourself and the world you live in.


To see a pill in your dream, forecasts the return of your inner harmony. It is a period of healing and an end to those negative ideas in your mind.


To see pillars in your dream symbolizes strength and hard work. You may be feeling burdened or drained from having to work so hard to support others.


To see a pillow in your dream, represents comfort. relaxation and luxury. It may indicate laziness or on the other hand, a need to take it easy on yourself. To dream that you are lying on a pillow, suggests that you are in need of some mental support. A dream about throwing a pillow is a warning to be less judgmental of others.


To dream that you are a pilot suggests that you are in complete control of your destination in life. You are confident and self-assured in your decisions and achievements. If you dream of seeing or associating with an airplane pilot, you will soon be flying high socially.


If you dream of having pimples on your skin, it means that you are worrying over trivial matters. If you dream of having a big pimple in the middle of your forehead, someone close to you may be sick. To see others with pimples on them means that you will be troubled with complaints from friends and acquaintances. To dream that you are popping your pimples, indicates that you need to face and express your negative emotions.


To dream that you are pricked by a pin, symbolizes a sticky situation or irritating relationship. You may be feeling anxious or feeling the need to hold together a certain unstable relationship. Or, to see pins in your dream may also suggest a feeling of being trapped, as exemplified by the phrase "being pinned down".


If you saw a pinata in your dream, you may feel that happiness is hanging just out of your reach, especially if you tried and failed at opening it. If you suceeded in smashing open the pinata, you will soon be happy - even if you don't believe it at this second.


To see or dream of playing a pinball machine suggests that you need to look back to a previous event or experience that brought you great happiness. Alternatively, this dream might mean that you have manipulated others or that you feel manipulated.

Pin Cushion

To see or use a pin cushion in your dream signifies hurtful comments. You are feeling used and manipulated. Alternatively, you may be trying to harm others with your sharp words and negative attitude.


To dream about pineapple represents self-confidence, ambition and success.


To dream of being pinched means someone is trying to get your attention. This dream could also be telling you to face problems or feelings head-on instead of avoiding them.

Ping Pong

A game of Ping-Pong in a dream, if evenly matched, predicts that you will easily achieve your current goals. But if the contest was definitely one-sided, you will have to contend with some strong rivalry before you get what you want. These meanings apply whether you participated in the game or only watched it.


The color pink represents love, joy, sweetness, happiness, affection, kindness. Dreams that strongly feature the color pink often signify being in love or healing through love.

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