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Dream Dictionary: Pacifier - Paparazzi

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To see a pacifier in your dream represents emotional nurturing. You may be expressing a desire to escape from your daily responsibilities and demands. To dream that you are sucking on a pacifier implies that you are trying to "suck up to" someone in your waking life.


To dream of a package represents your hidden creative energy, skills and/or feelings. If you receive a package in the dream, you are acknowledging certain feelings or gaining new resources. But if you are giving or sending a package, you may be projecting your feelings onto another and not dealing with them.


If you dream of packing for a trip or for a move, you may be feeling dissatisfied with a relationship in your life.


Pads (sanitary napkins) in dreams signify that you are having trouble accepting your feminine side. Also see "Menstruation."


If you saw a paddle in your dream, or were rowing with one, you can expect to make steady progress along your chosen path. If you dreamed of losing or breaking an paddle, you will encounter obstacles, but you can quickly overcome them by using your head.


To dream that you are competing in a beauty pageant, represents your need to be better understood in a love relationship. You should try being more assertive and asking for what you want. If you dream of winning the competition, this means you possess the necessary skills to accomplish a goal or solve a problem in your waking life. If you merely watch a pageant in your dream, you are wasting money on social pleasures which you will later regret.


To dream of using a pager suggests that you are holding a close friend one step short of absolute trust. This dream may also be a reminder of unfinished personal business.


To dream that you are in pain suggests you are being too hard on yourself about to a situation that was out of your control. It can also be a reflection of real phsyical pain that carries over from your waking self.

Paint / Painting

Dreams about painting often signify renewal and emotional growth for the dreamer. To dream of painting a house suggets you are a creative person and you will find success in a project. Or, this dream could mean you are covering up something. To see a painting in your dream, represents your need for self-expression. The painting is symbolic of your intuition and inner realizations. Also see "Body Paint"


To dream of playing paintball suggests you will achieve your goals with the help of influential friends. It can also suggest competitive but rewarding romantic affairs. If you injured yourself while playing paintball in your dream, this foretells a rise in your social status. If your dream mainly focused on seeing many colors of paint, important changes are coming in your life. If you got paint all over your clothes, this suggests you might be too easily offended by criticism about you.


To see or use a paintbrush in your dream symbolizes harmony, creativity and artistic talents.


If you dream of being in your pajamas, you might be coming down with a cold. To see others in their pajamas in your dream, signifies that you will hear unpleasant news from absent friends.


Dreaming about a luxurious palace is a lucky sign, foretelling an assured rise to prominence and wealth.

Palm Reading

If you dream of having your palms reads, you will find yourself in an embarrassing situation.

Palm Tree

A dream about a palm tree is lucky, meaning you will triumph and enjoy good fortune in an upcoming endeavor.


To see a pan in your dream, symbolizes your attitudes about a particular situation. It may also represent criticism and anger. A frying pan represents completeness in love. Alternatively, dreaming of a frying pan may suggest that you need to start accepting the consequences of your actions.


Making or serving pancakes in a dream forecasts an exciting and satisfying increase in social activity. To dream of eating pancakes signifies success in your current undertakings. If they were made of buckwheat, the omen is of a calm life with slow but steady progress.


A dream of a panda bear means that, if you'll just stop feeding your worries, they'll go away.


To dream of feeling panicked, indicates a lack of control in your life. You may be feeling powerless in some situation or unable to make a clear decision.


To see or wear pants in your dream may suggest you are questioning your role in some situation. If the pants were dirty and you were trying to clean, this means you want to change something about your personality. A dream of pants that fit too tightly suggests you feel smothered in a relationship. Torn or ripped pants indicate that there is some flaw in your thinking or thought process - you need to alter your reasoning. A dream of wearing velvet pants signifies your sensual side.


To dream about a panther means that with a lot of effort, you can overcome any obstacles. To dream that a panther is attacking you, symbolizes that you are overly confident in your success for the future and not realizing the difficulties and struggles that you need to work through.


To wear pantyhose in your dream, represents your sense of understanding. You are well-grounded and have the support of those around you. To see someone else putting on pantyhose, relates to some romantic situation - you may be jealous of someone or worry about getting/keeping somebody's interest in you.


If you dreamed of being pursued/having your picture taken by the paparazzi, watch out - a person you know in real life may be deceiving you in some way. If you were the paparazzi in your dream, this symbolizes your insecurities. You may doubt your own ability to rise to a high status. Also see "Celebrities", "Fame" and "Photograph"

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