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Dream Dictionary: Leech - License Plate

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A dream featuring these repulsive bloodsuckers predicts that you will have an unexpected demand on your resources, but don't worry, the strain will be temporary.


If you have a dream that strongly features the left side of something, or taking a left turn or direction, it means you will achieve all your goals if you persevere, even though you will encounter minor obstacles on the way. If you are a right-handed person but you dream of being left-handed, you may face an awkward personal situation or a dangerous rival. If you actually are left-handed, the dream is a good omen of better luck ahead. Dreams that strongly feature your left hand (using it or looking at it) predict frustrations and minor difficulties.


If you dream of having more than two legs, you are full of ideas and imagination, but they won't all come true - you need to focus on what's most important. If you are unable to move your legs in your dream, you may have financial troubles. To dream of having only one leg, or having an artifical leg, it means you are representing yourself falsely to friends. If your dream strongly features someone else's leg, you are envious of a friend in some way. If you dream of having hairy legs, it's time for you to reshape your thinking or change your goals. You need to eliminate unwanted thoughts and habits that are holding you back.


To wear leggings in your dream is positive, meaning you have the support of those around you. To see someone else wearing (or putting on) leggings relates to some romantic situation - you may be jealous of someone or worry about getting/keeping somebody's interest in you. If you dream your leggings are ripped or dirty, you are experiencing trouble in some important relationship.


To dream about playing with Lego foretells family happiness. To dream that you are made of Lego means you are searching for comfort and security. Or, you may feel like someone is toying with your emotions.


To dream that someone is giving you a lei (a flower garland), signifies welcoming and acceptance. It is a positive sign of true friendships and increasing popularity. Giving or receiving a lei is also a common dream to have about someone to whom you are physically attracted.


To dream of eating or sucking on a lemon, foretells social difficulties or embarrassment. If the lemon in your dream was being squeezed, it indicates upcoming money problems and a need for saving cash.


To dream of making, serving, or drinking lemonade predicts an increase in personal popularity.


To see a lemur in your dream suggests that someone is trying to trick you. This dream may also symbolize the playful and mischievous side of your own personality, or an immature attitude. To dream of seeing a lemur hanging or swinging from a tree represents being troubled by young ones.


To dream that you are lending money foretells debts and other financial difficulties. If you dream that you refuse to lend out anything, this means that you look out for your own interests. A dream that others lend you things symbolizes close friendship ties - you can count on your pals.


To see a leopard in your dream is great good luck, meaning that you will overcome any obstacles.


Help from unexpected, or even unknown, sources will be yours if you dreamed of these magical characters. However, it may involve mischief.


If you dream that you are a lesbian (but you are not in your waking life), or hanging out in a group of lesbians, it is symbolic of self-love and self-acceptance. You are becoming comfortable with your sexuality and femininity. If in your dream you hate the idea of lesbianism, then it represents your fears and rejection of parts of your own femininity and sexuality. If you are a lesbian in real life, then the dream is simply a reflection of your own self.


To dream that you receive a letter means that a new opportunity or challenge will soon come into your life. Letters in dreams can also be a way that your mind sends you messages from your subconscious. Other meanings of dreams about letters:

If you dreamed of receiving good news in a letter, your prospects are very bright indeed.

If you receiving a letter that contained anything of a disappointing or upsetting nature, it foretells an approaching struggle.

Receiving unimportant or routine letters signify financial difficulties due to overspending.

If your dream concerned destroying an unopened letter, it signals a need to make amends for a past injustice.

To dream of reading a letter addressed to someone else predicts a money loss.

A dream of mailing a letter predicts unexpected good news.

Chain letter dreams indicate an unusual new experience in your future.

To dream of looking a letter delivered by messenger (instead of by mail) indicates petty disagreements.

Letters written in brightly colored ink signify family and relationship arguments.

To dream of hiding a letter or finding a hidden letter is a warning against an unfaithful friend or lover.

See "Love Letter" for more meanings.

Letters of the Alphabet

To see letters of the alphabet in your dream, symbolizes something that your mind is associating with or those particular letters - it might be an object, a place, or a person in your life. For example, the letter "T" may refer to your friend Tina.


Lettuce is a lucky dream symbol, suggesting wealth and good fortune will come to the dreamer.


To dream that you are levitating signifies that you are holding on to far-fetched ideas and you need to starting thinking more realistically.


To dream of a librarian may be a warning against gossiping. Don't talk behind people's backs or it will come back to you threefold. Librarian dreams can also suggest that you are seeking advice and guidance as you head into a new life path.


Dreams of libraries are strong suggestions from the unconscious mind that the dreamer needs to find meaning in her life. This can often be the need for spiritual nourishment.


A dream involving lice symbolizes annoyances and frustrations caused by the stupidity or stubbornness of others. The exception is if you killed or got rid of the lice in your dream - that means you will have a period of good luck.

License Plate

To see a license plate in your dream represents liberty and the freedom to run your own life.

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