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Dream Dictionary: Hail - Halloween Party

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To dream that you are caught in a hail storm, signifies the results of your projects will only be so-so. To hear hail beating down on your roof, menas that you will go through a period of difficult times.


If you dream of someone hacking into your computer, there is a sense that your privacy is being invaded. You may be overwhelmed and have the feeling that you are at the mercy of another.


Long hair in dreams represents strength and beauty.

If your hair turns white in a dream, you have outgrown old ideas and you are ready to learn new things.

If you dream of seeing a woman with blonde hair, or if you dreamed of having blonde hair (when you don't in real life), you will be a true friend to your girlfriends.

Brunette hair symbolizes loyalty.

Red hair in dreams usually symbolizes changes in the dreamer's life.

Curly hair in dreams foretells that someone will try to seduce you.

A dream of straightening your hair means you are trying to change in some way, or surpress a part of your nature that you are uncomfortable with. It can also mean you have strong feelings for someone of the opposite sex.

To dream of hair falling out, means you will have to take care of yourself and not depend on others.

If you dream of having wet hair, or dream about washing your hair, you need to take a different approach towards some real-life situation or relationship.

Frizzy hair symbolizes anxiety about some aspect of your personality. You may be feeling insecure, or remembering some old feelings that you had tried to forget.

To dream of someone pulling your hair means they are trying to connect with you in some way. It also refers to sympathy and protection.

To dream of getting hair extensions, symbolizes false impressions. You may be taking on other people's ideas and opinions and trying to pass them off as your own. You must start being true to your own beliefs, and thinking for yourself.

Also see the listings for "Bangs", "Conditioner", "Dreadlocks", "Facial Hair", "Hairbrush", "Hair Clip", "Haircut", "Hairdresser", "Hair Dryer", "Hair Dye", "Hair Products", "Salon" and "Shampoo"


To dream of using a hair-brush, means you need to face up to a situation in real life - if you ignore reality, things could get out of control.

Hair Clip

To dream that you are putting your hair up in a clip or barrette, suggests that you are evaluating a new idea, outlook or way of thinking. You may be changing the way you approach your self-image and appearance.


To dream that you OR someone else is cutting your hair, it symbolizes that you are experiencing a loss in strength. You may feel that someone is trying to supress you. This dream can also mean that you are reshaping your thinking to eliminate negative attitudes or habits. If you are cutting someone else's hair in your dream, you are being too pushy about forcing your opinions on other people.


To dream that you are a hairdresser, suggests that you are pushing your ideas and opinions on others. This dream may also mean that you need to work on improving your self-image. If you dream of going to the hairdresser, look up the meaning under "Salon"

Hair Dryer

To dream of using a hair dryer symbolzies emotional affairs and promises either an improvement in your current relationship or a new romance. To dream of having your hair blown dry by a hairdresser is a warning against repeating gossip.

Hair Dye

If you dreamed of dying your hair, you are allowing vanity to overcome your common sense. Try to use better judgement. If you dyed your hair black, the dream predicts a passing sadness concerning your own decision to make a break in a personal relationship which has become upsetting. To dream of bleaching your hair, suggests that you would be wise to be somewhat less flirtatious.


To dream of having a hairlip, or of somebody else having one, suggests that you are having some trouble communicating your true feelings.


To dream you are wearing a hairnet suggests that you're experiencing a loss of power. It's possible someone is bossing you around in real life, or trying to tell you what to do. You need to stand up for yourself in this situation. If someone else was wearing a hairnet in your dream, this is a sign of deceit. Be careful about trusting everything you are told.

Hair Products (Gel, Hairspray, Mousse, etc.)

A dream of styling or curling your hair with products, is a forecast of improvement in your love relationship or, for single girls, a new romance. To dream of slicking your hair down or back with hair products, predicts that you will have an increase in your social status. Dreaming that a hairdresser uses products on your hair, means you must not repeat gossip or it will return to work against you threefold. Also see "Hair Dye."


See "Hair Products", above.


If you dream of being extra hairy or covered with hair, you have acted immorally. Something that you recently did, goes against your own values or the decent standards of others. If you dream of having hairy hands, beware of using lies against someone who doesn't deserve it.


To dream about half of something, suggests that something in your waking life is incomplete or unresolved. It may also mean that you are only partially admitting your feelings. You or someone else is limiting or restricting you. Or, this dream may suggest that you need to be open to compromise and meet halfway.


A dream of Halloween represents the temporary adoption of a new persona, where you feel less inhibited and more comfortable to freely express yourself. Also see "Candy" and "Halloween Party"

Halloween Party

If you dreamed of attending a Halloween party where everyone was in costume except you, this is a warning against false friends. To dream that you wore a costume to the party signifies that you are putting on a false face toward others. Your true self is not being revealed and you are not being completely honest with people around you.

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