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Dream Dictionary: Galaxy - Gazebo

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To see the galaxy in your dream represents your creativity. It also means that you are looking at the broader picture and are becoming more aware of your surroundings.


If you dream that you are gambling, you are not taking enough responsibility for you decisions in real life.


To dream that you are playing games, signifies relaxation or competition. Also see "Dodge Ball", "Hide and Seek", "Sports", "Tag" and "Tic-Tac-Toe"

Game Show

To dream that you are participating in a game show, signifies your need to grow and expand as a person. Learn the value of endurance and perserverence. The topic and rules of the game show in your dream may also represent the rules you play by in your life. If you dream of watching a game show (but not participating), you may feel that others are passing you by in some way. Try to get more involved in things.


If you dream of being in a gang, you wish you could be more assertive in real life. If threatened by a gang, you feel unappreciated.

Garage / Garage Door

To dream that you are in a garage, represents a period of boredom in your life. You may feel that you have no direction or guidance toward achieving your goals. If you dream of opening the garage door, you have made up your mind about something. If you close the door, you are putting off your goals for the sake of other people. If you dream of driving a car into a garage, your accomplishments will bring you happiness and security.

Garage Sale

To dream about a yard sale suggests that you are learning from your past experiences and making productive use of the lessons and skills you have learned.


Dreaming of garbage means you are ready to throw out old ideas and attitudes. It is a good dream signifying transition and renewal.

Garbage Can

To dream that you are throwing something into a garbage can, suggests that you are getting rid of your old negative habits and unwanted traits. To dream that you are emptying someone else's garbage can, foretells that you will be asked to help repair a friend's reputation.


A beautiful garden in a dream means that your soul is peaceful and happy. A wild, overgrown garden symbolizes a need for spiritual nourishment.


To dream of a gardener suggests that you are seeking spiritual nourishment.


To see a gargoyle in your dream, signifies hidden and embarrassing fears over secretive matters that you have not shared with anyone.


Dreams about eating garlic mean you are practical in matters of the heart. You look for security over love.


To smell or see gas in your dream, indicates that you are worn out and need to be reenergized. To dream that you run out of gas, suggests that you are tiring yourself out. Give yourself a break!

Gas Chamber

If you dreamed of someone dying or being put into a gas chamber, you will suffer some misfortune from the carelessness of others. To dream that you miraculously escape your own execution in a gas chamber, signifies that you will overcome your enemies and succeed in achieving your goals.

Gas Mask

If you dream of wearing a gas mask, you will experience (or are experiencing) a situation that involves betrayal and gossip against you, perhaps from someone you counted as a friend. The good news is, you will emerge victorious from this incident.

Gas Station

To dream that you are at the gas station indicates a need to reenergize and revitalize yourself. It may also suggest you should try to help others more.


An open gate signifies opportunities ahead. A closed gate indicates obstacles which can be overcome if you succeeded in opening it. A locked gate predicts insurmountable obstacles, unless you climbed over it or found a way around it, in which case your frustration will be temporary.


If a gatekeeper lets you pass in a dream, you will be successful in a new project or transition. If you are not allowed through the gate, you are fed up with things the way they are.


A dream of gathering a variety of things means that things will go smoothly for you now. Some meanings for other gathering dreams:

Gathering wood signifies friendships.

Gathering flowers foretells great happiness.

Gathering money is a straightforward prediction of good financial fortune.

Gathering papers is a warning not to risk money or place any bets.

Gathering books means you will have good luck with money.

Gathering people together (or attending a gathering) signifies pleasant family relations.

If you dreamed of picking fruit, look under "Fruit."


If you dream that you are gay (but you are not in your waking life), or hanging out with a group of gay people, it is symbolic of self-love and self-acceptance. You are becoming comfortable with your sexuality and femininity. If in your dream you hate the idea of homosexuality, then it represents your fears and rejection of parts of your own femininity and sexuality. If you are gay in real life, then the dream is simply a reflection of your own self. If you dream that your real-life boyfriend or husband is gay, you could be feeling rejected by him in real life, either because he is physically cold or you sense he is keeping some of his emotions secret from you. Your subconscious mind might be telling you that he's keeping a secret from you in some way. Or, you could just be feeling insecure about the strength and nature of the relationship. Communication is key to finding out what's really going on.


A dream featuring a gazebo reveals your romantic nature. Your dream may express wishful thinking about your real life.

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