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Dream Dictionary: Elbow - Engagement Party

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To notice your or someone else's elbows in your dream, indicates that you need to make a space for yourself. Your dream may express hesitance or fear in creating your own space for fear of being scrutinized. To dream that your elbow is wounded suggests your inability to function in some waking situation, possibly a romantic one.


If your dream featured taking part in an election, you will enjoy quick success with your current plans.


To dream of electricity symbolizes a craving for vigor and life energy. You need to be revitalized.

Electric Chair

To dream of an electric chair is a warning that the current course of your actions will lead to disaster.

Electric Guitar

To see or play an electric guitar in your dream, signifies the power and strength of your passion. You clearly express your feelings to others. Alternatively, it is symbolic of youth and rebellion.


If you dream of being shocked by electricity, you will soon receive sudden and surprising news.


Seeing an elephant in your dream is great luck, signifying that you are laying a solid groundwork for wealth and success. You will have power, strength and prosperity. If you feed an elephant in your dream, you will elevate yourself in your community through your kindness. To dream of riding on the elephant signifies good news from afar. But to dream that you fell off while riding it suggests enemies are looking to harm you.


Here are the meanings for several elevator dreams:

Descending or falling elevators in dreams are usually negative, suggesting anxiety about losing social status or repressed emotions.

A rising elevator also represents anxiety, but signifies that the trouble is almost over.

A dream of being stuck in an elevator symbolizes that your emotions have gotten out of control. The same is true if you dream about an elevator that is out of order.

To dream of being in an elevator crash is a common dream, which symbolizes some basic fear in the dreamer's life, such as fear of a moral lapse, social inadequacy, loss of status, etc. The prophetic meaning of this dream depends on what happened. If you dreamed of being killed in the crash, you will experience some major and lastings setbacks in your life. However, if you escaped safely or landed without being hurt, your troubles will be upsetting but only temporary.


In dreams, the number eleven stands for intuition, spirituality, enlightenment, and the ability to achieve your goals. It is symbolic of your creativity and vision.


To see a friendly-looking elf in your dream means you will always be held in high esteem by others. You will be blessed with good physical and mental health. Also, an elf can sometimes represent an aspect of yourself that is not fully developed or has been repressed. To see a hideous or mean elf in your dream is a signal of distressing times. To dream that a friend turns into an elf foretells good health and pleasurable social activities.


To see an elk in your dream symbolizes strength and endurance. It is an indication that you need to spend more time with friends and eat healthier.


To dream of eloping is generally unfavorable and signifies disappointments in love.


To dream about email, indicates that you need to reach out to people who may not always physically be around. It could also suggest that you have been spending too much time in front of the computer and this has carried over into your dreams. To dream of reading someone else's email messages signifies that you are mistrustful of others and you tend to poke your nose into friends' business. Perhaps you have recently stumbled upon some information that was not meant for your eyes.


To dream of being embarrassed is a warning that one of your friends may be acting falsely. To observe others being embarrassed in your dream is a warning against repeating gossip.


To dream that you or someone else is embroidering, or to see an embroidered item in your dream, symbolizes your ability to make the best of everything that comes your way.


To see an emerald in your dream signifies that you will inherit some property that will cause problems with others.

Emergency Room

If you dreamed of an emergency room, you are worried that you didn't do a thorough job on a recent project. You may also wish to look up "Ambulance".


If you dreamed of being emo (and you aren't in real life), you are going through anxiety and emotional conflict. You are experiencing a period of trying to match your outer self with your inner feelings. If you saw an emo person/people in your dream, you could be feeling a clash between what you believe or value, and the way others expect you to act.


To be aware of emptiness, or to find something empty when you expected it would be full, suggests that you are contemplating some venture or activity which would turn out to be disappointing and a waste of effort. Don't try anything unfamiliar for a while after you have this dream.


To dream of seeing or searching through an encyclopedia, symbolizes your pursuit for literary knowledge and the fine arts. You are bright and know the value of enriching your mind.

End of the World

If you dream about the end of the world (aka "The Apocalypse" or "Judgement Day"), this represents an emotional and dramatic change taking place within yourself. The dream may also indicate the end of one kind of lifestyle and the beginning of another. Also see "Saving the World."


Enemy dreams can simply reflect your concerns about enemies in real life, but they can also be omens. If you dream of fighting an enemy, the meaning depends on how the fight turns out. If you have a victory over your enemy, you will succeed in getting past any current obstacles in your academic and social life. This dream is also a sign of luck in finances. If your enemy wins, or you dream that they spread nasty rumors about you, you could have failures in a school or work situation - be careful about making any big changes now. To dream of making up with an enemy symbolizes the need to resolve an inner conflict within yourself.


If you dream of being engaged, you are not having good luck in romance.

Engagement Party

If you dream about an engagement party, you are feeling lonely or insecure about your social skills, particularly when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex.

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