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Dream Dictionary: Crowd - Cyst

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To dream that you are in or part of a crowd means you need to make some space for yourself. It also suggests you need to start thinking more for yourself instead of following others.


To dream of a gold or jeweled crown signifies unexpected honors. A silver crown suggests a health problem will clear up soon. A paper crown foretells temptation which could damage your reputation if you do not resist it. A crown made of flowers or leaves is a lucky omen for all your concerns. A plastic crown suggests benefits through influential friends.


To see a crucifix in a dream, is a warning that someone you care about will go through troubling times. If you dream of holding or wearing a crucifix in your dream, you are a kind and modest person and these are the personal qualities that will win you love and success. Also see "Crucifixion" below


To dream about cruxifixion indicates that you are feeling victimized or helpless in some relationship or situation. You may also feel unfairly accused or blamed.


If you dream that someone is cruel to you, you may have trouble and disappointment in some situation.


If you dream of being on a cruise, you will have an increase in social status or money. The exception is if the cruise ship encounters storms or big waves - that means you are having trouble reaching your goals. If you dream of getting lost on a cruise ship, you are not sure about the direction your life is taking.


To dream that you have a crush on somebody is usually a reflection of your real-life attraction to that person.

If you dream that you're in love with a boy who you don't like in real life, your dream could be telling you that you are overlooking good qualities in that person that makes him worth crushing on. Or, it could mean that he has some personality trait (like being outgoing or sporty) that you wish you had yourself.

If you dream that one of your friends is kissing or dating your crush, you may not be getting as much as you want out of your love relationship. This dream can also indicate that you are envious of a quality that your friend has - you wish you were more like her in some way.

If you dream of kissing or dating a friend's crush, your dream is actually about your friend and not the guy. Your friend has certain qualities that you wish you had yourself. Also, you may feel like you're not as close to this friend as you want to be these days.

To dream about a former crush refers to that particular period in your life and what you were feeling. If you dream that somebody has a crush on you, then it represent your own positive sense of worthiness and self-esteem. If you dream of crushing on someone who you've never met in real life, your heart is longing for a true love to call your own.

Crushed (Something Being Crushed)

The action of crushing anything in your dream indicates that you are under tension and/or pressure in regard to making an important decision. Be as independent as possible if you are sure you're thinking along the right lines, but if you have any serious doubts then get professional advice rather than friendly opinions.


To dream of being on crutches means that you will depend largely on others for your support and advancement. To see others on crutches represents disappointing results from work.


If you dream you are crying, your mind is helping to achieve emotional balance while you sleep. You are getting out frustrations that would slow you down in your waking life. To see others crying in your dream, it foretells unexpected calls for help from you.


To dream of crystal represents wholeness, purity and unity. To dream of seeing a reflection in crystal, symbolizes how you are looking within yourself to find your true destiny.

Crystal Ball

To dream that you are looking into a crystal ball symbolizes how you are looking within yourself to find your true destiny.


To see a cube in your dream symbolizes material possessions and earthly things. It may also be a metaphor for "being square" or being too conservative.

Cuddle / Cuddling

Cuddling is a very pleasant dream symbol. It suggests love, tenderness, comfort and protection.


To dream that you are in a cult, suggests that you are in a destructive and/or manipulative relationship where you are being exploited. On a more positive note, it also suggests that you have the desire to break free and strive for a better self. To see a cult in your dream, indicates that you are lacking spiritual freedom. To dream that you are a leader of a cult, signifies your authoritarian attitude. You don't like others to question your motives or choices.


A full cup is a sure sign of increased prosperity, but an empty cup predicts low finances, so be prepared to watch your money carefully. A decorated or fancy cup foretells that you can avoid social embarrassment by heeding the advice of a loyal friend.


To see a cupboard full of stuff in your dream symbolizes pleasure and comfort. But if it's empty or dirty, difficult times may be ahead.


To dream of a cupcake is lucky. It foretells satisfaction in both social and academic/work affairs. If the cupcake had very sweet icing, fun times are ahead for you. Also, you may be coming into some money, or if you have a job, perhaps you'll get a raise. To eat a cupcake in a dream is more fortunate than to bake or buy it, although anything to do with cupcakes is lucky.


To see cupid in your dream represents a love relationship in your waking life. Cupid's appearance in your dream may mean that you need to take a risk in love.


A dream featuring a curb is a warning against getting in debt to people socially, or owing too much money.


To dream about a curfew may symbolize anxieties about living up to other people's expectations. If you dream of being late for curfew, this may represent your fear of change. You might be nervous about seizing an opportunity, or unready/unworthy in your current circumstances.

Curling / Curly (Hair)

Curly hair in dreams signifies a new romantic relationship. Somebody likes you! If you dreamed of having your curly hair cut, exciting changes for the better are just around the corner. Also see "Curling Iron", below.

Curling Iron

To dream about seeing or using a curling iron means that a new crush or romantic partner is coming into your life. You like someone, and there is a good chance they like you back!

Curling (The Sport)

To dream that you are playing curling represents the learning of rules, talents and the achieving of your goals. It also highlights the importance of cooperation, harmony, and teamwork. To dream that you are watching a curling competition, represents two opposing viewpoints or conflicting opinions.


To see/notice an ocean or river current in your dream, represents the direction of your life and the decisions you have made along the way. It also represents the influences in your life and how they work in guiding you through your life's path. If you dream of being pulled by a strong current, this may be a metaphor for something that is going on in your life at the moment. Someone or something may be exerting a strong influence on you - it is up to you whether to follow or stand your ground. Also see "Undertow."


If you uttered a curse against someone in your dream, you are in danger of losing the respect of friends. Curb your temper and impulsive actions. However, if the curses were directed at you by somebody else, a rise in social status through new and influential friends may be expected.

Cursing (Swearing)

To dream that you are saying curse words, suggests that you need to stop allowing others to harass you. Others see you as someone who they can take advantage of. To hear others curse in your dream, means that you have overlooked an urgent matter or situation. Someone may even need to be rescued from some unusual circumstances. It may be your job to protect them.


Dreams where you close the curtains represent secrecy. You are concealing a personal matter or an aspect of yourself. To dream of opening the curtains means you are ready to reveal something hidden.


The more cushions there were in your dream, the more careful you should be about spending your money during the coming year. However, if the cushions were torn and shabby, you might get a raise in your allowance or at work.


To dream of fighting over the custody of a child is a warning of trouble from your enemies. To dream of winning custody of a child foretells a surprising turn of events concerning a cause you believed to be lost. If you were the one being fought over in your dream, you may feel torn between conflicting beliefs or groups of people in your waking life, or be stuck for an answer on a certain decision.

Cut / Cutting

To dream that you have a cut, suggests that you are being let down or being undermined. If you cut yourself in the dream, you are being your own worst enemy. A dream of cutting something signifies a broken relationship or severed connection.


To notice your cuticles in our dream suggests that you are being overly sensitive. You may be overreacting in some situation.


Cyclones in dreams suggest you are very angry about a current situation and are afraid to express your feelings - which you need to do - for fear of hurting others.


To see a cyclops in your dream suggests that you may be too narrow-minded these days and need to expand the scope of your vision. Alternatively, you may be overly focused on one thing lately.


To dream that you have a cyst suggests that some minor annoyance is draining your time and energy. Consider how you may have gotten the cyst. If you dream of getting a cyst from hard work or labour, you need to put in more effort to overcome your minor problems. To dream that you got the cyst from a burn or other injury, suggests an emotional or relationship problem. The location of the cyst also has meaning. If the cyst is on you hand, you may be having power struggles, or issues of self-doubt. If the cyst is on your face, the problem relates to your confidence and self-image. If it's on your arm or leg, you are feeling under-confident about your ability to achieve your goals. Don't try to struggle through alone - ask for help!

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