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Dream Dictionary: Cardboard - Cauliflower

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If you dream about cardboard, this is a sign that you should accept a positive new opportunity which is coming your way.


To dream that you are playing a game of cards, symbolzies that you have successfully used skills of strategy and timing in your waking life. Also see "Poker".


To dream about a carjacking symbolizes unexpressed anger. It may also suggest that the dreamer is feeling threatened.

Car Mechanic

To see or visit a mechanic in your dream suggests that you need to work on healing your past hurts. Don't take on more than you can handle in the present, until you deal with the issues in your past that are still having an effect on you.


To see carnations in your dream symbolizes light-heartedness, vitality and joy.


To dream that you are at the carnival, represents lies and deception. If you observe freakish sights, there is a lack of harmony in your family life. To dream that you are on a carnival ride, suggests that you are going in circles in your life. It may also symbolize cheap thrills. If you dream that you run away with the carnival, you will be involved the entertainment field one day.


To see a carpenter, or dream that you are a carpenter, is a very good dream symbol. It implies that you are confronting and overcoming your obstacles, and that you will have love, respect and happiness.


Carpets in dreams represent your need to protect yourself from life's harsh realities. To dream of a magic carpet symbolizes your desire to escape from a situation, relationship, or responsibilities.


If your dream featured an old-fashioned carriage, you could be deeply embarrassed by questions concerning your social life. Be careful about putting yourself in situations that might subject you to unkind gossip.


This is a good dream omen. Wealth and abundance is coming to you.


If you dreamed of being carried by someone, you may feel that you are feeling like a burden to somebody. You need to be more independent and take on more responsibilities. Alternatively, it may suggest that you will have good fortune in romance. If you dream of carrying a burden, or carrying another person, you can expect an increase in your duties and obligations.


If you dreamed about a cartoon character, you will have a period of disappointment in romantic matters. To dream that your life is in a cartoon world means you don't take life too seriously. Or, it could mean you need a break from a stressful daytime life.


To dream that you or someone else is doing cartwheel, represents the need to regain balance in your life. You need to learn to handle obstacles and stress with more poise. If you dream that you have trouble doing cartwheels, you do not have confidence in your own abilities. You may also lack discipline.


To dream that you are carving a piece of wood, symbolizes positive spiritual and creative energy. To dream of carving meat, indicates that you are trying to rid yourself of certain emotions, maybe anger or frustration. To dream of a wood carving or engraving, symbolizes your need to strengthen your spiritual side.

Car Wash

To dream that you are washing your car, or going through a car wash, foretells that any troubles you are currently having will soon pass.


If you dreamed about a cashier in a store, or if you dreamed of being a cashier, you might soon run into some financial worries. Watch your spending.

Cash Register

To see a cash register in your dream, represents your financial concerns.


To dream that you are in a casino, signifies the risk-taker within you. If you are a reserved or shy person in real life, then the dream suggests that you should take a chance. If you are not, then it symbolizes that you need to make more informed decisions about your life, instead of relying on fate and luck.


Caskets (or coffins) in dreams represent renewal the need to get rid of unhealthy habits or relationships.

Cassette Tape

To dream of a cassette tape (or a tape recorder) is a sign of a deteriorating love affair.


To dream that you are wearing a cast, suggests that you need to work on healing old wounds and hurts. However, if the cast you saw was on someone else, you may be called upon to help a friend or relative who is in trouble.


To dream of a castle means good fortune is coming to you.


Cats represent power, freedom and the animal self, especially for females. To dream of being a cat means you will triumph in an upcoming conflict. If you don't like cats, or you have an unpleasant experience with them in your dream, you are uncomfortable in some way with the more feminine side of your personality. Also see "Cat Food", "Cat Litter" and "Kitten."


If your dream featured a catapult, this is a warning that careless gossip could make wider waves than you suspect. Control your urge to blab, or it will backfire and come back on you threefold.


To see a caterpillar in your dream means that you are at a stage in your own personal growth where you are on your way, but have not yet reached your goal.

Cat Food

To dream of buying cat food symbolizes your responsibilities. To dream of eating cat food suggests that you are feeling nervous or guilty about a friendship situation.

Cat Litter

To dream of cat litter, or a cat litter box, suggests bad luck and misfortune ahead for you. It may also relate to the dreamer's feelings of guilt or shame.


If you dream about catsup, you will meet an intriguing new friend of the opposite sex.


To dream of getting caught is a warning to steer clear of gossip and intrigue.


To see or eat cauliflower in your dream, symbolizes spiritual nourishment and purity. It also represents sadness and the need to be uplifted. Your dream suggests that the tough times that you are experiencing will soon be over. Alternatively, the cauliflower may represent the brain.

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