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Dream Dictionary: Bunk Beds - Buzzer

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Bunk Beds

To see bunk beds in your dream represents innocence and the simple times of childhood. Alternatively, this dream may suggest that you have trouble expressing your needs and desires in a love relationship.


Dreaming about a bunny rabbit means you are about to succeed in a challenging venture. This dream also symbolizes general good luck.


If you dream of your home, locker or possessions being burglarized, your reputation will be attacked, but if you stand up for yourself things will work out fine. Accidents may happen to the careless after this dream.


Dreaming of a burial means you have gotten rid of your bad habits or freed yourself from a negative situation. It is a good dream that means you are finally letting go of something. To dream of yourself or someone else being buried alive, you are experiencing some emotional turmoil. If you dream of being buried in the earth (not in a coffin), you need to be more practical about approaching your goals. You can accomplish things, but you must learn to be more level headed.

Buried / Bury

If you dream of burying something to hide it from someone, you may be keeping a secret or avoiding telling the truth in real life. However, you may be getting ready to reveal and confess before somebody finds out. If you dream that somebody else has buried something, or you find something buried, you are feeling the need for security and protection.

Burn / Burning

Strangely enough, burns in dreams are usually positive omens. To burn your hand in fire symbolizes strength of mind and good friendships. To burn your feet by walking on fire or coals, means you can accomplish anything you try. However, if you are all burned up in the fire, you will be tricked by supposed friends. If you dream of seeing people burning, you are experiencing some intense emotions. There is some situation or issue that you can no longer avoid - you must confront your feelings and take action.
Also see "fire"


To dream that you burp, indicates that you are going through some changes and beginning to see things differently as you grow older and gain more experience. To hear a burp in your dream, signifies a breakthrough in your personal struggles.


Dreaming about burritos symbolizes possibilities. If you dream of eating one, you're off to a fresh start in your life. If you dream of eating lots of them all at once, it means you are procrastinating or making excuses about something. If you leave a burrito half-eaten in your dream, you may have problems moving forward with conviction. The spicier the burrito ingredients are, the greater the chance your flexibility will soon be tested. To dream of a gigantic burrito suggests that you have an inflated opinion of yourself or someone else.


To dream of a bus means you've been going along with the crowd and need to start acting on your own decisions. If you missed your bus in the dream, you may feel that others are leaving you behind socially or emotionally. You are having difficulty in achieving your personal goals. To dream that you are in a bus accident, signifies that you will find yourself in an embarrassing situation. Also see "Bus Driver" and "Bus Stop."

Bus Driver

To see a bus driver in your dream, indicates leadership in some group idea or plan. Things will go well if everyone cooperates. Alternatively, this dream may suggest that you are going around in circles. To dream that you are a bus driver, suggests that you will advance rapidly in life through learning and gaining knowledge.


To see bushes in your dream, symbolizes obstacles that are blocking your progress. To dream that you are trimming a hedge, means you have accepted the restrictions you are facing and are now making the best out of a negative situation.


To dream that you work in a business, indicates that you are experiencing some anxiety about a current project or task. The dream may also be telling you that you have been slacking off and you need to "get back to work". To dream of a business where you used to work, suggests that there is an old lesson that you need to learn and apply to your current situation. If you dreamed of starting or owning your own business, this represents the assertive and authoritative side of your personality. This dream may also reveal creative ideas, or highlight your issues with control and authority. Also see "Boss" and "Work"

Business Suit

To dream that you are wearing a business suit, indicate that you want to be acknowledged and recognized for your abilities and skills.

Bus Stop

If you dream of waiting at a bus stop, you will run into minor difficulties but they will be quite temporary.


To dream of a butcher symbolizes your raw emotions, or possibly some immoral behavior. You may be testing the limits of your physical strength.


To dream of being a butler signifies long-awaited happiness. To dream of having a butler foretells difficult times.


Dreams that feature butter symbolize good luck for the future.


Butterflies symbolize creative freedom, happiness in friendship and transformation.


The meaning of this dream varies according to its details, but it is a generally good omen. Whether the buttocks were your own or someone else's, you can anticipate happy times ahead. If they were animal buttocks, the dream forecasts financial luck. If the dream involved being kicked in the buttocks, you can expect a steady rise in status. However, if you did the kicking, you will have to cope with some jealousy in your immediate circle. To dream that your buttocks are misshaped or a different size than in real life, suggests undeveloped or wounded aspects of your psyche.


To see buttons in your dream, represents wealth and security. If you lose a button, you're feeling insecure about something. To dream that you are unbuttoning your clothes, denotes that you are opening yourself to others, either on a mental, emotional or sexual level.


To see buzzards in your dream suggests that your past experiences are providing you with valuable insight into a current situation or problem.


If you heard the sound of a buzzer in your dream, you can look forward to a happily stepped-up social life.

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