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    bad break up and naughty pictures

    So I broke up with my boyfriend of almost 5 years. We were in a long distance relationship (met online). He has been SO upset like...he's told me he was going to kill himself and everything. I talked to him on the phone for the first time since we broke up(it's been a month) and he is not good at all. He wants to get back together and I do not. He was a nice guy(a cancer), sensitive and emotional but i've realized he has some issues...like he told me he doesn't believe in God anymore and that something evil is inside him now that" i've ripped his heart out and threw him out like a dog." He said I probably treat dogs better after they bit me? All these things he's saying makes me really upset and scares me...he was texting me all this and then i asked if he'd call me and he was like yea i'll call you in 20 mins...if I let him" as if something evil inside him was talking to me? like come on! He's 24 now and im 19. Then when he's talking to me on the phone he's crying and says he's scared of himself and talks normally...but it's like only if I continue to talk to him. Then he just pretends everything is ok and years and I missed out on a life here. But that's not why we broke up...I just have says "lol" and talks like he did when we're together. Note that I was 14 and he was 19 when we got together. I feel like he took away a lot of my highschool realized a lot of things since we broke up.

    Something i've been thinking about is he has a bad picture of me we use to send naughty pics but i'd never send any with my face showing...but last time he visited me he took a picture of me when i was down on him...and my question is, should i talk to him about how i feel and ask him to delete it and ask if he'd ever send it or show it or put it online? because you know how sometimes that happens? or should I not say anything? and not give him ideas? because i was going to talk to him about it but then i wasn't sure if I should. The guy I met and knew would not do that but the way he is behaving I don't know? What should I do?

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    I would ask him to delete it, but I guess there is no way of actually knowing whether or not he does.

    He sounds really...unstable and just messed. It's a good thing you broke up with him.

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    I wouldn't bring it up. He may just try to use that as a manipulation thing. shrug.
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