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    Why do people that are offline show up on facebook chat?

    Why do some people in my list who are not online always show up on my facebook chat list? My boyfriend is always there even when he isn't online. He doesn't have his computer left on or a mobile that he can access facebook on. He for sure isn't online in any way that I know for sure because he's been out field for training for the past week. There's also a few of my friends that are always, always there. Some of which I haven't spoken to on facebook for a month or so and I do not speak to on there often. One of them doesn't even have the internet. Does anyone know why these particular people show up, even ones I don't speak to often?
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    I always that it was people who facebook thinks your close with haha, I don't know what it uses to figure that out though, wall posts/tags maybe? your boyfriend is probably just because he's listed as your boyfriend? I dunno
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    My man always shows up online, but I always assumed it was because of his smartphone...not sure.

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    the people i creep the most are on there, some of whom i never interact with . awesome
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    it doesn't show them as online, they're just your close friends/people you've messaged the most so you can easily message them. they're only online if theres a green dot

    mines accurate. some of my friends that don't use fb much aren't, makes sense

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    Quote Originally Posted by broccoliandchz View Post
    the people i creep the most are on there, some of whom i never interact with . awesome


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