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    Spending my afternoon sorting out my internet bookmarks.

    I lead such an interesting and fulfilling life haha.
    Well I'm on a budget of 5 per day till I get paid, so if I save todays fiver then yipee!
    All the sales are on as well, arghh hell on earth.

    Anyone else skint right now?
    How are you coping?
    Its not denial.
    I'm just very selective about the reality I accept.

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    Arrgh, it's suck so bad, payday is on the 18th of next month :'(
    The worst part is i'm only seeing my SO for like a week this summer and it falls before payday so we won't be able to do much unless he offers to pay

    But yeh haha, I am sorting everything out into lovely files that I can access easily, it's actually really fulfilling.
    Its not denial.
    I'm just very selective about the reality I accept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joanne View Post
    I hate it when payday is soo faaar!

    That's rubbish too How come you're only seeing each other for a week?

    I literally have to do it like every week. I also need to sort out my Pinterest because it's out of control.
    He's down in London doing work placements for most of the summer :/ which is fab for his career but sucks as well, because we're long distance all through term as well. Oh well, just 1 more year left!

    I know I shouldn't but I spent ours looking at flats and houses i'll never be able to afford and clothes that I can't afford either, oops lol, but it's sooo fun.
    Its not denial.
    I'm just very selective about the reality I accept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joanne View Post
    Ooh nice, placements in what? Are you still at Uni? I was in Leeds yesterday and thought of you haha. Well not in the centre.. went to Bradford for work and then Pudsey to see the family.

    Oh god yeah I have 76 properties saved on Right Move atm. We're in base housing at the moment which is okay.. but we want to move off base and at the moment theirs a ban on moving off base, everyone has to live in base housing. tremendously gay. Hopefully they lift it in December when they review it.
    Aww haha, I hope i see you around sometime lol, would be weird but awesome haha, and yeh I have 1 year left of this degree then on to Midwifery!

    I hope that they get rid of the ban for your sake, what kind of house/flat would you like?
    Show me some links, I love this kind of stuff haha.
    Also what is base housing like? Do you live there rent free? Can you decorate? Do you have room for a little one?

    He's working in graphic design companies, and it's looking like if he stands a chance in that field he will have to move to london, and I can study midwifery anywhere (HOPEFULLY), so i'll be moving with him. When I first started looking at flats there I nearly died, a grand a month for a scrummy flat, urgh. But I've found this and fallen in loooove. It's just perfect!

    I'm trying to figure out though, whats like the farthest place we could live for him to possibly commute but live out london, as i'm not a fan. I don't want him spending a million hours a day getting there, but maybe an hour on the tube, you got any ideas?
    Its not denial.
    I'm just very selective about the reality I accept.

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    In order to go to the movies tonight, and pitch in whiskey for a party tomorrow, I need to go to Coinstar today. I fund my activities through routinely cashing in stockpiled change.

    I need a job.
    Your scream is burning through my veins.

    Live fast, die pretty.

    "The knight departing for new adventures offends his lady, yet she has nothing but contempt for him if he remains at her feet" Simone de Beauvoir.

    ARP <3 Come back to me.


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