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    baby hair "sideburns"

    i hate them.

    they never grow. i want to get them laser removed or something. it looks really stupid when my hair is tied up

    opinions? anyone else have them?

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    They're really not that noticeable, and a lot of people have them. I wouldn't be worried about it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joanne View Post
    I would never have even noticed! I have baby hair around my bangs and it pisses me off... but i know nobody else at all notices. You can always wax them off?
    I have the bang thing too! And the sideburns...I hate it. I just pretend it's not there, I mean lots of people have that. One problem though, I have like 3 stray sideburn hairs that grow to my cheek, and if I don't pluck them they are dark and get as long as pubes.

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    I have baby hairs all around my face, especially with the sideburns. I wouldn't even worry about it. Most people tell me it's cute, so of the people that do notice it I doubt they think it's unattractive.
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    Get a little electric razor and shave it off? That's what my mother does. Though, I don't know why she bothers; her hair is super blonde and you can barely notice. Yours don't look bad either.
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    I never noticed I had that until now! Anyway, now that you mentioned it I went through a few girls' pictures on fb (because I can't believe I never even noticed the existence of such things) and most have them. oh and some are bad. yours look fine though.
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    I unno, I actually think they kinda look cute on you.

    When I was about 12 or so, though, I remember my sister and the boyfriend she had at the time teasing me about my side burns :'( I was really self-conscious for about a year after that lolz
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    i used to have them when i was younger but they kind of went away. i still have them alllll in my bangs area. they're annoying and make me feel like a look hairy.
    Thanks a whole... lot.


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