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    Strawberrie Guest

    I hate summer clothes shopping. Help?

    Can anyone help give me ideas of what to get for summer clothes?

    I have hyperhidrosis, which is a fancy word that means even when it's not that hot I get sweaty palms, pits and especially lower back (which embarrasses me so much). I'm also curvy, and by curvy I literally mean I have curves, not that I'm fat. So I don't like wearing short shorts or even shorts at all really and I mostly wear black tops to hide the sweat.

    Now that it's summer I want to either find shorts that flatter a full bum and thicker thighs, or a skirt that isn't skin tight and doesn't make me look bottom heavy, but I don't even know where to begin. In terms of tops, something either black that isn't thick fabric, or some sort of flowy tops that won't stick to my lower back or nasty sweat stains all over the back of it.

    If anyone has any ideas/suggestions it'd be a big help. Thanks!

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    patterns, especially busy ones or black and white ones, are good at hiding any sweaty spots.
    i know american apparel is generally expensive but they've got lots of good examples, and i don't feel like running all over the web, so i'm just gonna use it. you could look for things like these:



    and if you get skirts that are patterned you can constantly wear basic tops without seeming as boring
    if they're high waisted you could get lose crop tops:


    or some more fitted tops you could tuck into skirts:

    this one is a dress but i have it and it rides up all the time so i mostly use it as a shirt, with high waisted denim shorts or a plain skirt. http://store.americanapparel.net/rsa...ml?cid=29-1831 lots of pattern choices so you could get a couple
    same thing in solid colors: http://store.americanapparel.net/rsa...ml?cid=29-1831

    i'm not sure how curvy you meant, but you could get some mom jeans from a thrift store and cut them into high waisted shorts, which could be flattering (or just bad, but either way it's like $5 so not a big deal). they could help cover lower back sweat too

    just some ideas

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    Dresses and skirts. Also, Like someone stated above, patterns. They are great for hiding sweat.
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    Strawberrie Guest
    Thanks everyone!

    GTFO - I really like the style of the skirts you posted, but I feel like I may just sweat through the skirt if it's on my back haha. I never thought of high wasted shorts though, so I will look into that!

    Joanne - I never thought about a denim mini skirt, but that's a wonderful idea. Totally eliminates the issue of my shorts riding up. Also I love all the shirts and dresses, I'm definitely gonna get one of those colour block dresses. Solves all of my problems haha.

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    I just got that dress in the blue pattern to wear to my students kindergarten graduation. I got lots of compliments.


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