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Thread: Making friends

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    Making friends

    So I had my first summer school class today and sat beside me appeared to be a fellow artist. She was reading a sewing book which caught my attention and then halfway through the class she whipped out her sketchbook and started drawing an amazing picture.

    I really want to become friends with her but I'm really socially awkward. I came to that realization in class when strangers all started mingling and I sat there quiet by myself. I tried to start up a conversation with her after class by asking if I could see her book and asking where she got it. She seemed friendly and talked about how the library has a ton of books like that.

    I just keep thinking about how awesome it would be to become friends with a real artist. All my friends like painting and like crafting and stuff but none of them are the type of peopel to sit down and paint for hours. I mean for all I know she might not be like that either but I do know none of my friends have sketchbooks with drawing pencils.

    It seems obvious: just talk to her. But I'm actually really nervous to lol. I've started up conversations with people in my classes before but none of them actually turned into friendships. Also she looks significantly better at drawing than I am, which isn't a problem for me but what if she doesn't think I'm very good at art?

    Aah. I'm being silly. What would you guys do to strike up a friendship?

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    When people have put their work and time into something, I've found them really sweet and more than happy to talk all about it. I can say that for myself too, when I've been working real hard at something and people acknowledge that, it makes me feel really proud and I enjoy talking to others about it.

    Next time you're in class, sit next to her. Since you already briefly spoke to her, it wouldn't be weird to say hey and sit next to her again. Of course, say this in a way that's comfortable for you, but ask her if you can flip through her sketch book, and compliment her talent. Then you can talk about your own interest in it, ask her questions you have and even ask her how she mastered drawing the human hand (or whatever thing it is it you have difficulty in, or would like her expertise in). Just let the conversation flow at that point

    In general though, aside from my close friends, I make friends by getting involved in things I enjoy. Ie. a soccer team, a school organization, vbAll at a friends place or the gym. In these social situations I've been able to have a common ground with people from the get go, so it makes conversing with them 100x easier! Just e friendly and introduce yourself from the start

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    Suggest going for coffee and a study session. You can comment on the people around you, and after awhile I guaruntee the books will close and conversation will switch to other things. Then just take it from there. Hit up a craft or art show, take a random pottery class etc.
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    You should show her your work! Then ask for tips or pointers or something! Suggest to meet up some day and do some work!
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