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    how is the economy by you? does it still suck balls or are things looking brighter? did it never tank? have you or your friends struggled to get jobs? where my boyfriend used to live (and unfortunately where his house is) its still pretty bad. few people he graduated with who are still in the area have jobs beyond restaurant and call center ****. i tried to find something there since i could live for free but i couldn't even find one job or company i wanted to apply to. things seem to be looking good by me, though. he had a job within a few weeks of moving here and he's already gotten another better one. i see people boating around in the river and going out to eat and going out to bars a lot. i was just noticing that today. maybe its bc its a holiday weekend, but it seems like people are out doing stuff and spending money. houses aren't staying for sale for very long and new construction is popping up all over. there's still a significant poor population within the city but thats always going to be there
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    i hardly even noticed the recession here (Ontario). the company i used to work for went bankrupt and my dad lost his job, but it was bought by retarded venture capitalists who sunk the business and probably would have even if the economy was booming.

    i had no issue finding a job and most of my friends graduating from useful degrees got jobs within a month or less of graduating. but then software and engineering were some of the few professions that continued to grow during and all my friends are developers or engineers.
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    Ehh, it was struggling a bit in my area, but is slowly(very slowly) starting to recover. I work in the health professions, so there are usually pretty decent jobs available.
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    I wasn't old enough to work when the bubble burst, so I didn't really get the full effect or notice. I haven't had any trouble finding jobs in the past 3 years, though. Things haven't really been to bad here.
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    Well when I lived in Ohio it was pretty bad. I got a job right before the economy really tanked in our area, and I kept it for 3 years since many of my friends couldn't find jobs, I wanted a better one but there was no use in looking. I got lucky and got pretty decent hours, enough to be able to pretty much fully support myself living on my own with a roomate. A ton of other people lose their jobs as most of them worked in factories and a bunch shut down. Now that I live in Florida, it's crazy easy to get a job, especially retail. It's even easier in season. I live in an area in which retired/old people dominate the population, so they of course don't work but they spend so there is not much competition for jobs and there if always tons of places needing help. Also if are talking about jobs that need a degree, there is so much need in Florida for healthcare workers, hospital workers, buisness managers, insurance people. Ive gotten a few jobs just within the past 6 months and quit them cause i dont like them and it's just tooeasy to find another job.


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