I used to tan in a bed religiously when I was in the 8th grade, so about 9 or so years ago and before all the tanning is terrible for you got recognized. I was so dark when I see pictires it grosses me out how much dmage I have done to my skin and health. I tanned a few times in highschool before going on vacation. I would never tan in a bed anymore. I care about my skin and health too much to do something so unnessasary. A ton of girls I went to school with are religious about tanning and have gone 2-4 times a week since freshman year, so for about 5 years. They have terrible skin and sunspots already. They all live in a state where it's warm enough to wear t shirts and shorts maybe 3 months out of the year so I don't get it. I live in the South where it's always hot and sunny and I always have a tan even though I use sunscreen and it's crazy how much better my skin looks than theirs.