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    Everything I use is from the drugstore, and works perfect. Moisturizer (Aveeno); foundation, concealer, and powder (CoverGirl); eyeliner (e.l.f. right now); and mascara (Maybelline). They are work wonderfully and I couldn't imagine spending oodles of money on something that's going to give me the exact same effect, and I'm really not interested in anything that might be "better" because what I use is perfectly fine to me.

    My mom got some It Cosmetics makeup for her birthday. The powder was amazing (I used it all, though), and the blush is a really pretty, universal color and never wears off (still have it but I rarely wear blush on a daily basis). While I love that stuff, I can get the exact same stuff at Shoppers Drug Mart for $40+ bucks less. All that salon **** really isn't financially worth it - personally, at least lol.
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    I buy expensive concealer, blush, and foundation, but that's just because I'm **** at telling what colors I need. Everything else is drugstore.

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    I never use cheap brands for foundation or primer, every time I have I break out. I'd rather spend 30 quid on a Chanel or guerlain which I know will last all day on my skin too, then say maybelline, which lasts a few hours. All of my makeup is high end, but I have a large interest in it. Hair stuff I don't really care.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MonitorShoeboxOfLies View Post
    NYC hard candy (I think that's the name!) duo eyeshadow is exactly the same colors as two from the Naked palette and last the same length of time.
    i just wanna say that i really like hard candy products, they also don't test on animals either.

    every cosmetic product that i own is a drugstore brand, most likely purchased at walmart. i've never used anything high end before because 1) i live in the middle of no where and i haven't even heard or seen half these companies, and 2) i don't see the point in spending a lot of $ on makeup.

    i'm pretty lucky in the sense i don't have to spend a lot of $ on makeup and shampoo etc. i've always used cheap shampoo ever since i can remember and i always get tons of compliments on my hair.

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    My moisturizer, foundation, face wash, facial sunscreen are all Clinique. I love their foundation/powder, it's a million times better than any drug store brand I've tried. Their facial sunscreen is really good too. Everything else is drug store.


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