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    Do you use a primer?

    If so which?
    Does it help a lot?
    What type of skin do you have?

    I've only ever tried one and my skin felt really cloggy.
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    I did for a little while. I don't really see much difference. And I have oilyish skin.

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    It doesn't clear up your skin, if that's what you're wondering. But it definitely helps to create a smooth "canvas", so to speak, for my makeup by evening out my skin and helping it to last longer.
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    ask for a sample for this at sephora. it's the bomb

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    Yes! I use primer pretty much everytime i wear foundation. However ive tried drugstore brands and they really dont do much. The new revlon one (i think its called photo ready) is okay but i promise you Smashbox photofinsh primer is worth the money. Plus you end up using less foundation when you use a primer! BeneFits Porefessional is really good too! If you go to sephora they're really good about helping you find one thats perfect for your skin type!

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    I use Quo and I love it. I notice the difference a lot. I use a lot less foundation when I use primer.


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