after talking with some friends after my breakup it donned on me that i got to keep my dignity and didn't do anything pathetic/crazy after my breakup, thankfully. however, my friends told me some stories of stuff they've done or their exs have done and apparently its not uncommon for people to act insane after a breakup even if they're usually perfectly sane and normal. ex: one of my friends dated this girl for a while and she broke up with him. a few months later he saw her at a party with some guy and flipped out asking random strangers if they knew the guy, then proceeded to chase her car down yelling at her and repeatedly calling her demanding an explanation. i also know another girl who left food on her exs front porch for months and would drunk text him and turn up in the middle of the night begging him to love her again.

tell me other unfortunate stories of stuff you've done/other people have done/your exs have done after a breakup