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    This is the coolest thing ever!

    Bought my OH this for our 2 years next month, he's studying graphic design and litterally doodles everywhere, I reckon he'd enjoy it, i hope + I can enjoy it when we live together haha.

    What you guys think?
    Got it for less than half price, which was an extra bonus.
    Need some pillowcases to go with it now, hmm, i'm thinking red checked ones like in the picture, they are cute.

    Question is, should I leave it blank and give it to him packaged? or doodle on it myself saying happy anniversary and stuff?

    I want my future kids to have these as well, awww.
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    kayt Guest
    i think writing on it would be cute, plus it washes off and stuff so that's awesome i hope he likes it

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    That is so cute!
    Also, I totally want one!
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    Tokyo Guest
    that's an awsome gift, I couldnt see anyone who likes to doodle hating it lol.


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