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    Dnomla Allinav Guest

    Are there any computer techies here?

    I have this really annoying problem with my computer where in order for my f1 f2 f3 etc to work, I have to press CTRL first. So for example, if I want to refresh a page, instead of just pressing f5, I have to press ctrl f5. This hasnt been a problem just a minor inconvenience until now, but now since I've been playing an MMO my spells are all set to f1 f2 f3 etc and it slows me down a lot to have to press ctrl first, making my teammates annoyed.

    Does anyone know how to change it so that I dont have to press ctrl? I dont really want to just set my spells to different keys because it still doesnt change the problem that I have to press ctrl first even when I'm not playing.

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    kayt Guest
    what kind of computer are you using?

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    Feb 2011
    check your hot key set up. you didn't mention what OS you're using so i can't tell you exactly how to do that, but just look around general settings/administration crap and look for something called short keys or hot keys.
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    Dnomla Allinav Guest
    I'm using an HP laptop and the top buttons, if I dont press ctrl, are my brightness, volume, wifi, etc.

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    Falling Again Guest
    on an hp, to access hotkeys, you have to press shift five times fast.


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