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Thread: Separate Rooms?

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    One of the best parts about living with my boyfriend is getting to sleep with him every night.. no way I'm giving that up. No hot water bottle could ever replace him.

    I would like to have an office where I can have bookshelves and filing cabinets that aren't in anyone's way but I don't necessarily need it to have my own space. I've never felt that I needed a room specifically to be apart from my boyfriend. Maybe if we were both working from home or something.

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    I don't think I would ever go that far but I really don't sleep well with other people so we would really need a king sized bed.
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    I think me and my boyfriend have a pretty awesome arrangement. We only have one bedroom (the whole upstairs is just a big bedroom) and that's where we sleep. That's also where all of my stuff is. His stuff is downstairs in the computer room/office. He keeps his clothes in that closet and has a dresser in there and everything.

    I don't really remember why he moved his stuff downstairs, because it was all in the bedroom at first. I think it was just because he spends more time in the office than in the bedroom and was sick of having to go upstairs to change. I don't really use the office unless for some reason I want to use his desktop. I have my own drawers in the filing cabinet and stuff but nothing that requires me to hang out in there. So it's pretty much become his space and the bedroom is mine. Neither of us have issues sleeping together so that's not a problem. I think it would be weird not to sleep together.

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    We sleep together but then we also have our own rooms (so, we sleep in the master bedroom, his room is the second bedroom and mine is the third bedroom). The second and third bedrooms don't have beds, but they're our personal spaces to do whatever we want with. He has his gym equipment and clothes (my clothes are in the master) in his, I have my desk, books, and craft stuff in mine. It's great to have our own spaces. It's like the best of both worlds.

    We sleep well together, and enjoy sleeping together, but if we didn't, I'd be open to having separate rooms.
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    that would be awesome

    in my boyfriends room he has two single beds. he would come sleep with me till i fell asleep and then go in the other bed so he wouldn't wake me up throughout the night with all his wiggling. plus i overheat in my sleep apparently.
    that was ideal imo

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    My parents do that, only because my dad is a an extremely light sleeper and will literally wake up by any movement. Plus my mom gets up super super early.

    If my boyfriend wanted us to sleep separately I'd be super sad. But I don't think that would happen. We don't live together but we basically end up sleeping together every night. Luckily we are both ridiculously heavy sleepers, so we never bother eachother. We have talked about having separate rooms when we move in together, but having a bed in only one of them (I told him it would be my room haha). Just so we could have a place to keep all of our stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by popsicle.pirate View Post
    I feel like I'd end up pissing anyone off who I'd cohabitant with; I keep really unusual hours. I tend to stay awake for several days at a time, and then crash for 16 hours at least once a month, and even weekly my sleep schedule is pretty awful. I am trying to get out of that habit, but when I get really caught up in something its hard for me to do anything else.
    That's me. I have chronic insomnia or sometimes I get really overheated if they're like practically on top of me. I usually stay in bed with the guy though, even if I can't fall asleep. I'm really good at not waking people up.

    I wouldn't sleep in a separate room. I like cuddling or just being near him, plus then I can demand sex at a moments notice.
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    i was also gonna say the only people i know who do this are people who have marriage problems. id like to have a guest room with another bed to sleep in if my partner snores or i wanna sleep alone for whatever reason, but generally speaking id prefer to sleep with my husband

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    I would just want a very large bed. I can't imagine having two different beds or two different bedrooms for a husband or boyfriend. Although you all bring up good points haha.
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    I couldn't sleep in a different bed or room than my boyfriend. We've only done than twice. Once was because of an argument the other was because of space issues. The bed was too small for us both to fit comfortably so he slept in the other one. It was a crappy hotel room.

    I do like the idea of having my own space in the house though. That makes sense.

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