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    I'm seriously in the same boat as you. Everyone thinks I look 12 already and not having any boobs doesn't help. I would love to get a boob job but after I watched the show Bridalplasty (yay trashy tv) idk if I could go through with it. It looks super painful and I do not have a high tolerance for pain.

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    i plan on getting some serious cosmetic work done to my teeth once i get a decent chunk in my health savings account. i get an employer match of $20 a pay period and can contribute pre-tax so its a great way to pay for it. i might get a boob lift when i get older, but that depends on how i age. if i already look crappy and old at 35-40 i probably wouldn't bother.
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    I would get a boob job after I would be done having kids if they got smaller and flabby. I would only want b since I have looked at a ton of boob job before and afters (lol i'm weird) and the only ones that look nice in my opinion are the girls who went from a's to b's, since I dont like the look of big boobs. I would like a butt implant but I already have a large ass I just want it to be shockingly big haha that would be so fun. But I would never do it, too many horror stories on that.

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    the only thing i'd do is get a couple moles removed. I'm fine with my boobage since I have the more athletic body...or at least i like to think that lol.
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    I wouldn't, I associate how I look phsyically with too much of my identity, it would weird me out.
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    I feel you. I'm only 4'9 and when everyone is constantly touching you or picking you up and throwing you around, it's hard to feel 'grown up'.

    I don't even know my breast size anymore. Last I checked it was a 30-32E, it's ridiculous, I basically look like a bra with some arms and legs attached to it. I would definitely get a reduction down to a small D and probably a breast lift.

    If I won the lottery I'd add a nosejob and butt implants, lol. But I don't really care that much. Plus if you get butt implants, where exactly does the scar go?
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    I've always considered a nose job. I'm not even sure they could really fix it the way I would like, but I know one day I will at the very least go in for a consult.

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    i want my ears done so they stick out less, but i don't know if it's too late now since i'm (kind of) an adult. and i'm not sure i care that much haha

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    I've thought about getting a nose job if I could afford it, but I don't think I'd feel like myself anymore if I got something like that done. So I probably wouldn't ever have anything done. I think I'd get botox when I get older though.

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    I think fake boobs are gross and unattractive imo, but then again I hate big boobs. Also rhinoplasty and botox are disgusting, botox in particular, the way they test it on animals.

    I don't believe in cosmetic surgery, although I have thought of getting a breast reduction and laser eye surgery when I'm older, purely to improve my quality of life, even though I know it's hypocritical.

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    If I could afford it, I would get a nose job.
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    I would say I would want a boob job because my life dream is to have cleavage but I really don't think it would be worth it. I'm just not self conscious enough about my boobs and I stopped getting shit for being flat after sophomore year. They say more than a handful is a waste hehe.
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    I've always been extremely anti-cosmetic surgery.. I don't think I could live with knowing something on my body was completely fake and not me. But then again, I might feel different if I was flat as a board, fat, and/or had a horrible nose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alexithymia View Post
    I've always been extremely anti-cosmetic surgery.. I don't think I could live with knowing something on my body was completely fake and not me. But then again, I might feel different if I was flat as a board, fat, and/or had a horrible nose.
    I agree. And I also think its sad that people try to purchase self confidence. I hate the ads that surgeons use, like 'be the best you you can be!' but its just manipulating people. I dunno, I just could never do it, and I dont necessarily look down on people that do get it, but I definitely dont think the same of them afterwards.
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