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    i barely wear makeup and most mornings my hair looks fine, so i wake up not really looking much different. my boyfriend actually goes on about how he thinks i'm the most beautiful in the morning... i don't agree but w/e he likes lol? i will usually brush my teeth before kissing him though.
    same thing. as long as my hair is strightened it looks fine when i wake up. just like sex hair lol. my boyfriend thinks i look the best in the morning too.

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    i don't sleep at his place cuz he lives with his dad who would flip out. he also only sleeps at my place when my parents are away. (we're 22, mind you.) i don't sleep with makeup on. i usually get up before him and wash my face, brush my hair, and brush/floss my teeth. i do this whether he is there or not. but it def makes me feel less gross, lol.
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    I remove my make up before going to bed. I'm also usually the first to wake up, so I'll just go to the bathroom, wash my face, get some food...
    If we just stay in bed, it doesn't really matter how I look. I don't really think about that anymore lol.
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    I think it's just something you/he have to deal with. If you end up staying together he's going to have to wake up to that everyday anyways.

    Every time we've had a sleep over, since we live in dorms and has "visitation" rules at my school which prohibit cross-dorm sleep overs, it's always been after a party, completely wasted at an apartment. I always look like CRAP. I just wake up, wash my face, put my hair up, and keep it moving. He doesn't seem to mind. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frosted♥Rose View Post
    I think it's just something you/he have to deal with. If you end up staying together he's going to have to wake up to that everyday anyways.

    I don't wear much make-up, unless we go to a party or out out somewhere and then maybe I wash it off. He doesn't care what I look like when I wake up, and in the mornings we usually have a cigarette and something to drink first thing. That's why he's my boyfriend and not a one night stand, lol.
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    My hair usually looks alright because it's straight anyways, but when I look tired and have morning breath I feel gross. I always pull the blanket over my face and I'm like "don't look at me!" haha until I go to the bathroom and half fix myself.
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    Im really lucky haha. I dont wear make up and I dont need to do much to my hair so I look the same at night and when I wake up. I've never been self conscious of sleeping over.
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    i was blessed with good morning hair and i never wear makeup, but i do have dragon breath in the morning. they have a little one-use, no water toothbrushes at the drug store and i usually keep one of those in my purse at all times for breath emergencies. i also have really bad hereditary bags under my eyes all the time. usually my glasses cover it up, but obviously they get in the way during sexy times and at night. it used to make me really self-conscious, but i don't think guys care very much.

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    I usually just bring a few essentials such as deodorant, facewash/makeup remover and a brush. I really should bring a toothbrush too..I usually just keep a ton of mints in my purse so I just pop one in my mouth if we start getting close in the morning, but a toothbrush would obviously be better and I know he wouldn't mind.

    My bf actually gets mad if I wear makeup. It's not that he's being controlling or anything, but he works really late each night so when we hangout it's usually past midnight, so he doesn't get why I still have makeup on and whenever I go over without bringing makeup remover I refuse to shower with him in the morning cause my eyeliner drips into my eye and stings it and it's all waterproof so I can't just wash it off with water. So he prefers me just not wearing any at all unless I bring stuff to remove it.


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