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    Man sends Autistic son to school with a wire

    Has anyone seen this?

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    Oh my god. I'm halfway through. How disgusting.
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    I read the article earlier but didnt dare listen to the audio recordings. I dont understand why people who hates kinds so much would choose a profession like this or how they even get the job. I feel like this happens to so many special needs children its ridiculous.
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    I nearly started crying. I deal with a lot of autistic/MR patients at work, and you should NEVER speak to them in that way. That is just so appalling...
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    don't wanna mess with THAT dad. haha

    pretty messed up. although i had teachers in elementary who were way worse to kids in my class. i remember there was one girl in grade 3 that was a bit slow, and the teacher would call her a dumbass/idiot/useless etc in front of the whole class. i remember one time she yelled at her cuz her desk was messy, made her cry, and told her she'd amount to nothing and would probably work at mcdonalds her whole life (while the whole class watched/listened). same teacher yelled at me for "wanting attention" when i went to her about some girl in the class bullying me.
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    I gotta say, I really respect this guy for specifically saying he's not going to sue because it's not about money. I really appreciate that. So many people today sue for the dumbest reasons, and it's nice to see someone opposed to that. Like really, how is money going to remove the emotional damage that kid has taken?

    Anyways, that's just disgusting what those teachers did. Why would you do that job if you don't even care?
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