I really like to take pictures of what I eat. So I'm going to attempt to take pictures of everything I eat. My short term goal is a week, but in addition to photos, I'll be tracking in general. So what I don't photograph I will come in here and track.

Also, all pictures are put through instagram first. I do not think I am an artsy fartsy because of it, I just think it looks cuter haha.

April 22nd
Breakfast: Two sunny side up eggs w/ hot sauce, two pieces whole grain toast dry, frozen berries and mango and a mug of green tea

Afternoon Snack: A multiseed cracker, a piece of sea salt chocolate and a mug of raspberry white tea

Dinner: Steak with mushroom and onions, grilled zucchini, grilled baby carrots with a bit of brown sugar and butter and spinach with italian dressing

That was all yesterday. I worked out for about half an hour as well.