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    I got a ring! But... too much?

    Finally... after 3 years of being together & 2 years of wanting (any) ring, my bf got me this amazing one:
    They are 2 thin ones.. & that big one in the middle.

    Although I'd LOVE to wear them all 3 as a set (left pic) to school & everywhere I go, I'm thinking it may be 'too much' & I should just stick to always wearing the 2 thin diamond ones (right)?

    Idk, what do you guys think?

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    It's hard to tell from the fuzzy pictures, but wearing all three looks gaudy to me.
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    yeah i would stick to just wearing the two thin ones
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    I would say stick to either the middle one OR the two diamond bands on a daily basis, and then wear the set for special occasions.
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