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    If he is shorter than me, or comes across as tacky, dumb, or boring. Introverts ugh, and people who are anal or over think things.

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    - I won't tolerate any criminality/criminal records.
    - No religious people.
    - No guys who already have kids.
    - No smoking.
    - No overtly prejudiced tendencies.
    - No guy that wants a lot of children.
    - More than 3 years younger or 5 years older than me
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    -not in college
    -not doing good in college or going for a stupid degree
    I'd make exceptions to those if they had a solid plan and were making decent money
    -doesn't have friends/ doesn't hang out with them more than a few times a month
    -has kids
    -does drugs other than weed
    -smokes weed every day
    -says bad things about their family
    -doesn't want kids
    -really unsatisfying in bed
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    oh yeah being rude to their parents is a definite no no. i think you'll end up treating your own family that way too

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    Is it wrong to say won't go down on me?? Kinda a big deal haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dnomla Allinav View Post
    drugs, weed and drinking. Drinking I could do if it was a casual thing but as soon as/if it got serious I'd end it.

    Also I have a hard time tolerating guys who dont brush their teeth and I'd be extremely turned off, probably to the point of ending it, if I found out he wasnt brushing his teeth.
    This is a normal occurrence for you??

    For me:
    drinking, smoking, drugs
    done jailtime

    those are the big ones.


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