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Thread: Help me pick

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    Help me pick

    It's my 3 year anniversary at Target and I get to pick a free gift from the website out of a selection of things but I am undecided.


    Which is the best item?

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    I like the Mountie Dog.... lol.
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    Lol I like the Mountie dog too.
    Either that or the natural tote bag.

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    i would pick one of the dogs
    I don't like pickles

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    Honestly I would pick the notebook because it would be the only thing I would actually use (since I already have two coffe mugs and all the bags look stupid with the target on them).

    Edit: BTW, I'm jealous you get a gift for 3 years. When I hit my 3 year anniversary at Arby's, I didn't even get a new name tag that says I've been there for 3 years. Mine says I've only been there 1. (I had a 2 but I lost it, haha).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guns N' Rachel View Post
    I think you should get the tumbler! Some of those are really tacky haha
    yeah this lol
    Thanks a whole... lot.

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    tumbler for sure.

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    I'd get the tumbler, but that's just because I love tea
    1.13.11 <3


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