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    i know a lot who smoke it but relatively few who would be dumb enough to post about it . i was going to but we went out for dinner and i got kinda drunk off of 3 rum & cokes. didnt feel like it after that
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    i didn't celebrate. i've never enjoyed weed enough to go out of my way to buy some.

    lots of 420 statuses on fbook though. i still have all the pothead ghetto fab peeps from highschool on my friends list haha.
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    I didn't celebrate which is good, I've been sober for over 4 months now But really weed wasn't my main problem but it was an everyday thing. Anyways, all of my facebook friends were talking and fighting about it. Either they hated it or were defending it. Ugh it was so lame, I couldn't stand it and decided not to get back on for the day.

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    I've never smoked it nor have I ever had any interest in it... there weren't too many statuses about it on my Facebook, I was a little surprised. Mainly just "Happy 420!" or "Enjoy your 420, y'all." etc.

    There is this one guy, though, who would not shut the **** up about it. 20+ statuses, it must have been - all about 420 and how many blunts he was smoking and how baked he was. Every status he ever posts, though, is about that, or at least has "SWED" somewhere in it. He's a giant loser, though... didn't surprise me haha.
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