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    I like it. it's challenging: am I willing to cut/eat this cake, faced with the tremendous pain it is causing?. It reminds me of the goldfish in a blender display, only this one is harmless.
    I'm morbidly curious about the goldfish-blender thing :-\
    Meow meow *skritch skritch*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Battlemaid_v2.0 View Post
    I'm morbidly curious about the goldfish-blender thing :-\
    In 2000 some artist made an installation with, like, 30 blenders with goldfish in them, and invited the viewers to turn them on if they wanted. One guy did, which killed two fish, and the exhibition got shut down. I forget what the artist is called.

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    Haha thats awesome
    1.13.11 <3


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