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    That "gray area"

    AKA the point in a relationship with a guy where you're awkwardly stuck between friends with benefits and being official. I'm at that point, and I know neither of us are screwing anyone else. However, it's only been about a month, so I don't want to start pressuring him to ask me out. Also, I want to know his intentions with me. Does he want to be only FWB? Does he want to be bf/gf with me? I don't really care either way, but I don't want to feel let on and then rejected and mad and it ruins our friendship.

    Reasons why I think he wants to be serious:
    1) I asked him if he would wait for me until I was ready for sex, he agreed and said I was worth the wait
    2) We haven't really gone very far with each other, neither of us has had contact with the other person below the belt
    3) Not that this really equates to a date, but he helps me with alot of homework.
    4) He jokes around with me, and our convos aren't sexsexsex all the time.

    But then again guys can be deceiving. :/ I haven't seen any crazy red flags, but it's only been a month.
    Help me try to figure out what's going on?
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    does he hang out with you other than when you're fooling around?
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    I really don't understand why girls constantly play these games - if you want to know, just ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canis Lupus View Post
    I really don't understand why girls constantly play these games - if you want to know, just ask.
    yeh, just, "what are you intentions?" is good enough.
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    i feel like you just kind of "know", i guess, though sometimes you may be in denial if you really like him and he doesn't reciprocate.
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    I just asked/told him what i want in a casual manner. he said he wasnt on the same page, i said cool we could still hang out without benefits. We hung out for a month after, and last week he asked me out.

    It could work or it couldnt. Do you really want to be in a relationship with him? What would you do if he said he didnt want a relationship?
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    mmhmm i agree that you usually have a feeling and can tell what someone's intentions are toward you. in my case, if i ever had to ask, i was in denial of that feeling that i knew deep down that the guy didn't wanna be more than fwb/"talking."

    but still, my situations aren't everyone's. i think you should still just ask, plain and simple. don't beat around the bush. just say "are we headed for a relationship?" i mean, you say you don't care, so what do you have to lose? at least you'll know either way. knowing is better than not knowing.
    Thanks a whole... lot.


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