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    Fall Semester Schedules

    What is your school sched for fall?

    I'm trying to make mine right now before the good classes get filled up but I don't know how much I can handle. Ideally I would take 3 sciences with labs and a humanities and I know I could get through it but I don't know if i'd be miserable.

    Post yours!
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    Thankfully, I won't be back in the fall. Pointless to post, I know, but I'm extremely happy to be graduating! I'll post my current schedule though.

    No classes.
    First Job - 12N to 4/5PM
    Second Job - 10 to 12AM (I'm an RA, so the hours aren't normal work hours)

    Strategic Management - 9:30 to 10:45AM
    Biology Lab - 11 to 12:50PM (We're never in there longer than an hour, usually no longer than 20/30 minutes)
    Sports & Entertainment Law - 2 to 15PM
    Second Job - 4 to 6PM
    Sports Marketing Seminar - 6 to 8:45PM (We're usually out by 7:30/8)

    No classes.
    First Job - 12N to 3PM
    Second Job - 9 to 12AM

    Strategic Management - 9:30 to 10:45AM
    Independent Research (Business Plan Team) - 11AM to 12PM (It's not every week b/c there's no actual in class meeting. It's online, but we have to practice for competition)
    First Job - 12N to 2PM
    Second Job - 4 to 6PM

    No classes.
    First Job - 1 to 4PM
    Second Job - 4 to 6PM

    Business Administration Seminar - Online
    Business Information Systems - Online

    I have a third job, but it doesn't have based hours. We have activity/event requirements to fulfill.
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    I am not sure of the specifics, but my studio courses are probably looking something like this:

    Professional Development
    Lifestyle Illustration
    Advanced Digital

    No idea what I want to take for an art history of academic elective. Crazy that I only have two semesters left, I remember posting on here about choosing a college. I get a studio next year, I am excited about that.
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    I haven't actually scheduled it yet, but here's what I'm going for:

    Things I'm definitely taking:
    Calc 3
    Intro to proofs

    Other classes I'm deciding between (I'll choose 2):
    Discrete Structures
    Physics with calculus
    Intro to Psych 2 (yeehaw easy gen ed)

    or I might need to take a writing course which I tend to avoid

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    Online this summer I'm taking:
    Child and Adolescent Literature
    Literature Topics: American Literature
    Religion, Language, and Music (for my Cultural Diversity credit)

    In the Fall:
    Reading Disabilities Diagnostics
    Literacy Development
    English Romantic Poetry
    Teaching of Composition
    Oral Interpretation

    If everything works out I'll have no classes on Fridays and just one class at like 5:40 on Mondays and Wednesdays. (I haven't registered yet. I do that on the 13th)

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    It's going to be super easy. Spanish lit, european history during the 18th century, teaching music to elementary students, a honors class on egypt, and calc 3. Calc might not be that easy but we'll see. All I know is I'm done with classes by 11 3 days a week and that makes me very happy.


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