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    "Hump" on the back of my neck..


    So I have had pretty horrible posture most of my life, I never sat up straight when I was little and was always hunched over, this got worse once I hit puberty and got huge boobs.

    As a result of all this, I now have a big "hump" like thing on the back of my neck. It's pretty unattractive and I haaate wearing my hair up unless I have a hoodie on or something that will conceal it. So my question is: do you guys think if I lost some weight (I'm about 165 ish and I'm 5'7/8 I believe and my boobs are a 38 D) and worked on my posture that it may one day go away? I've never lost enough weight for it to change so I'm not sure, but I've never seen a slim person with the hump..even if they had crappy posture.

    So what do you guys think? I just hate it so much, almost as much as the fat on my body.

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    That sounds like what I have that I think, do you have a pic?

    I honestly don't know if weight loss would help, I'm underweight and have the same problem. Pretty sure it's because I have mild scoliosis though. Probably has a lot more to do with your bad posture.

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    it's going to get worse if you don't correct your posture. that's why you see old people perpetually bent over
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