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    Immediate need to eat

    The second I wake up at the minute i'm reaching for food. This would be fine if that just meant breakfast but I frequently wake up in the middle of the night and I feel like I really NEED food, even though I shouldn't really be hungry/should wait for breakfast

    Anyone else ever do this?

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    If you're waking up actually physically hungry, then try having something small closer to bed. That has happened to me before when I've woken up during the night very hungry, and it's generally when I haven't eaten enough the day before, or I went too long before bed without eating. Protein especially seems to help with that.
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    That happens to me if I eat dinner at a normal time, and go to bed late. Adjust when you eat, or have a small snack before bed. It's a good thing to wake up hungry though, eating and drinking should be the first things you do when you wake up.

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    I eat almonds at night, they seem to help with my night hunger.


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