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    liquidxtopaz Guest

    Does anyone need a Spanish study buddy?

    So I am a native Spanish speaker and I am willing to help anyone with their Spanish, correcting homework, essays, etc. or chatting to improve it.
    I would like that person to correct my essays (in English) for school, and have occassional conversations so I improve my pronunciation.
    We can videochat on MSN. I also have Facebook.

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    quitejaded Guest
    What a great idea. I'm not in spanish class, but it would be cool to have a spanish chat buddy. Do you have Skype?

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    Dec 2010
    Claro! lo deberia... estoy bien fuera de forma tienes facebook o skype? o te prefieras hablar por jb?

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    liquidxtopaz Guest
    PM me and I'll add you on Facebook

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    Dec 2009
    Oh my gosh YES..im currently failing spanish and need all the help i can get. English is my best subject

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    liquidxtopaz Guest
    Anyone who still needs help is free to PM me anytime and I'll get to them as soon as I can.

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    Dec 2007
    debería enviarte un mensaje porque tengo algunos problemas con un papel que estoy escribiendo.
    no tengo MSN, sino Facebook y Skype. (creo que mucha gente de los países hispanohablantes tienen MSN aunque aquí en EEUU MSN es casi inexistente)
    también tengo un perfil de livemocha.
    I don't like pickles

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    Damn, I just ended my spanish class and am out of school until september, but this would've been very helpful. I would still be willing to help you out with whatever you need and I guess just practicing conversations would be helpful for me. I have Facebook and Skype so just message me.


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