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    Probably like 8 or 9.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dane Cook View Post
    Senior year of high school my weight was pretty consistent; it fluctuated between 108-112 (I'm 5'2). So I was always pretty slender. Now, a freshman in college, my weight fluctuates between 117-122. This is the most I've ever weighed in my entire life. I've checked BMI calculators and it says I'm still at an average weight, but I guess just the weight gain in general freaked me out lol.

    No one's ever told me I was fat or looked bad, so this is all my own thinking. but then again, if my friends did say anything, I'd have some pretty ****ty friends. But thank youu! I sure hope so too lol
    I'm like the exact same as you! I'm 5'2 and weighed about 113-116 2 summers ago and was super confident. Now I'm at 125ish (fluctuating day to day) and I'm dreading going out in a swimsuit. I've always been the one who has a nice body and is slim, I'm still not used to looking more on the chubby side and I'm a bit freaked out about it. Blahh.

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    Few years ago...I got really aware and self-conscious over my body. Thinking back, I never even noticed my "flaws" or my "perks" I was just living life. It's sad to see what has changed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snowyangel24 View Post
    I'm like the exact same as you! I'm 5'2 and weighed about 113-116 2 summers ago and was super confident. Now I'm at 125ish (fluctuating day to day) and I'm dreading going out in a swimsuit. I've always been the one who has a nice body and is slim, I'm still not used to looking more on the chubby side and I'm a bit freaked out about it. Blahh.
    YES!! THIS EXACTLY. I was always the slim one and never worried about how my body looked because I knew it was fine. But now, totallyyyy different story lol.

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    8-9. i started puberty early and felt awkward. i struggled with it for a while but at this point i don't really care. i stopped caring probably around 21-22.
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    10 or 11 maybe? That's when my boobs started sprouting, so I was self-conscious about that. In middle school, surprisingly, I appeared to not give a shit - but looking back, I think it's because I had just decided I was ugly and there was nothing I could do about it.

    Sad to see how many of us had/have body issues, especially starting so young.

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    I remember the exact day. I was 8 and my mom picked me up from summer camp. She said I looked chubby, pinched my thigh, and said I had been eating a lot.

    I'm 20 now and it's been only recently that I've been able to become realistic with my view of my body. I'm to the point where I realize I'm not hideous and actually am attractive, have some work I could do, but attractive nonetheless, it's just the feeling it part that's not there yet. My boyfriend helped with that A LOT actually.

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    Im self concious at the moment because i havent lost the weight i gained from my pregnancy. I have a flabby stomach and stretch marks. The marks dont bother me, its that i weigh 153 pounds when i have never weighed more than 120.
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    Somewhere between the age of 10 and 12. I remember when I was younger my dad would weigh me on a weekly basis, or whenever I went to go visit him, and he used to bribe me (with shopping trips) to lose weight. I dont know what it would take for me to be happy with my body now, I just want to be thin.

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    Wow, I can't imagine being self conscious at the ages that some of you guys were. I'm going to be extra careful when I have kids to not say anything that would set them off.

    I was always tall and skinny up until a little bit before my 18th birthday. I was 127 and went up to 145, at 5'9. I've lost it all now and am back to 127ish, maybe a little lower. When I was heavier though, I was really self conscious. I didn't even look fat at all but I thought I was. Now that I've lost the weight, I'm still pretty self conscious. I HATE when people around me are skinnier. My best friend used to be a little bit heavier when I was skinny and now she is thin. I am constantly worried that people will think shes skinnier than me. I usually eat very little, to the point where people will make comments about anorexia. Even though I clearly am not, which is just annoying. I don't like to eat in front of people anymore, either. I'm definitely still self conscious, and I'm not sure it's something I will ever be able to shake.
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    Pretty much once I hit puberty (age 12).

    I had huge boobs right off the bat (although my body was pretty thin) so I stood out more than most of the girls in my grade and I hated it. Also, I grew pretty quick so I ended up with stretch marks on my inner thighs and over the years they've gotten worse due to gaining weight. I hate it so much..if it weren't for the stretch marks and my big boobs, I wouldn't be so hard on my body, but they're the main things I absolutely hate.

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    Albi Guest
    8 or so.
    I was always the tallest one in my grade until high school. I guess kids confused tall for fat, because I got called fat a few times in elementary school. By no means was I even close to being overweight for my height. I was just bigger than everyone length-wise

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    Probably around 8 or 9. I gained alot of weight then and was a pretry overweight kid until I started dieting in grade 6 and have been an average weight ever since. I've never really shaken that feeling of being fat, I've been really self conscious of my body for as long as I can remember now, and I'm really weight conscious and careful about what I eat because I dont think it would be too hard to get heavy again.

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    Right around 11 or 12. I was easily the skinniest girl in class (and continued to be throughout all of middle and high school, although there were a couple other girls close to me in size). I got accused of having an eating disorder all the time, and I eventually did develop an eating disorder. In 9th grade I developed anorexia and it turned into bulimia and I fought that for a few years. I'm 20 now and to the point where I don't obsess over food, but I definitely think about my body more than I'd like to. There are so much more valuable things I could be concentrating on. Now my concern lies in not looking womanly enough though (I look young because I'm short (5' 3") and so thin. I want the perfectly flat stomach I have, but with abs (working on it) and the boobs I had when I did weigh around 100 (at 90 now - wanna be 95ish). I definitely value being thin more than I should; I don't want to ever weigh triple digits.

    Sophomore year was the worst. That's when the bulimia was the worst. Food and my body was all I thought about. I hardly left the house and when I did all I was thinking about was how I was going to exercise, when and what I was going to eat, and how I was going to get rid of what I did eat when I inevitably caved. It was miserable. And my face was swollen and ugly from purging and whatnot. My body was bloated from trying to retain water and nutrients. I looked like a wreck. I even weighed the most I ever have (around 105 at most I think) I still cringe when I see my school photo from that year thinking I walked around looking like that... I'm also amazed that no one could tell how sick I was. I looked sick. I felt sick all the time. I missed a lot of school. I was always tired and always hungry and irritable.

    I think I'll always be a little insecure. But I'm overall pretty happy now.
    Maybe I'll be the lucky one that doesn't get burned.

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    Probably around 12. I gained a lot of weight with puberty. I remember this ghetto girl on my bus told me she wanted to trade bodies with me because i'm "thick" and she guessed my size and guessed too big. that didn't help.
    and then sophomore year was the worst because i was on the dance team and was around tiny girls and I was curvy.
    I was feeling good about myself this past summer until October after doing P90X and Insanity but the minute I stopped and had foot surgery and was immobile for months I gained it all back and I feel like a whale. But it's my own fault so whatever haha
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