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    What TV shows do you watch?

    I watch the office, greys anatomy, modern family, how i met your mother, sweet home alabama and big bang theory. I don't usually watch them on tv, i just use them as breaks between homework and studying or accumulate like a weeks worth and watch them at the same time.

    What do you watch?

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    Jun 2009
    Army Wives, How I Met Your Mother, Pretty Little Liars, Biggest Loser, One Tree Hill, Criminals Minds, Law & Order SVU, Awake. And I just started watching Revenge and Party Down online. And I want to start watching Idiot Abroad and a few others.

    Omg that's embarrassing.

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    Mar 2006
    Shows I watch:
    Arrested Development
    Curb your Enthusiasm
    The Big Bang Theory
    Pushing Daisies
    Adventure Time

    Shows I've been meaning to start:
    The Office
    Game of Thrones
    6 Feet Under
    Flight of the Concords
    The Middle

    My favorite is def Arrested Development- its the most brilliantly written show I've ever watched, super self referential, witty, and sharp. A lot of word play humor. Its really great. I love Tobias, "take me were the magic happens" "I want something that says 'leather daddy' "

    As far as drama, Dexter is really very good; fairly complex plot, although the most interesting seasons are definitely the ones were he is pursing another serial killer/someone is onto him, I understand why the seasons that focus in on his personal life are necessary, but they don't appeal much to me. I can't wait for the next season. Ughhh. Also I have a total lady crush on Deb. She's super hot.

    I liked pushing daisies a lot, it's fairly simple and straight foreword but really endearing and shot really nice. The colors are really beautiful and I love Lee Pace.
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    -king of the hill
    -its always sunny...... people who dislike danny devito are totally insane, impo. That show makes me lol like a mf. I love evry single thing about that it.
    -regular show
    -family guy
    -adventure time
    -south park

    Sometimes i watch ghost adventures because zacs douchbaggery makes me smirk

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    I watch Army Wives like its my religion. Other than that Raising Hope, Parenthood, Pretty Little Liars, American Pickers, Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, CSI. Miami, House, Weeds, Sons of Anarchy, Workaholics, and Scrubs
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    House and Desperate Housewives each week.

    I like my old shows like Full House and Boy Meets World.

    I also watch House Hunters, but not each new episode, and New Girl.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MonitorShoeboxOfLies View Post
    Really, you think Deb is hot? Ugh. She irritates me so much on the show sometimes. She's so WHINY. But I'm damn excited for next season. I can't wait. Lovelove Michael C Hall.

    YAY, another person who actually watched Pushing Daisies. Lee Pace is so stinkin' adorable. And the show was just cute, quaint, and made you chuckle a little.
    I TOTALLY FORGOT DEXTER! Dexter is the best, that season finale? crazyyy! i agree about deb being annoying, she is super whiny and dumb

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    The Office, House Hunters
    I don't like pickles

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    Albi Guest
    Tosh.0, South Park, Californication, Louie, Curb your enthusiasm, Workaholics, Wilfred, Game of thrones

    I want to download all 24 episodes of Bored to death. I saw the first couple episodes when it first came out and forgot about it

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    Law and Order: UK
    Law and order: SVU
    Jackie Chan Adventures
    Danny Phantom
    Everybody Hates Chris
    Diners, Drive Ins and Dives
    Dr G: Medical Examiner
    Teen Titans
    Total Drama

    Those are the ones I watch most. I really need to broaden my horizons, lol
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    Strawberrie Guest
    One Tree Hill and Revenge are the only shows I must pvr every week. I used to love Grey's but I got kinda sick of it thi season so I'm taking a break. Otherwise I just watch what other people in my family watch hah. I'm liking Alphas, Off Broadway and Smash, but I don't care enough to watch them every week.

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    Feb 2010
    Once Upon a Time
    How I Met Your Mother
    Community (just got into that one. I'm about 15 episodes in)
    I'm also starting to get into Grimm. I've only seen 1 episode though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteoleander View Post
    I TOTALLY FORGOT DEXTER! Dexter is the best, that season finale? crazyyy! i agree about deb being annoying, she is super whiny and dumb
    Clarification: Jennifer Carpenter is hot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThirdFloorBalcony View Post
    House and Desperate Housewives each week.

    I like my old shows like Full House and Boy Meets World.

    I also watch House Hunters, but not each new episode, and New Girl.
    I love Boy Meets World! I bought the DVDs online, but they ended up being weird, illegal Chinese versions...

    Anyway, I don't watch much TV. The only three shows I care about are ones I haven't seen anyone else list, funnily enough.

    The Tudors

    Chuck and The Tudors don't run anymore, and Bones has been on a freakin hiatus since like November and doesn't come back on til April =[
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    dr who, fringe, star trek, farscape, survivorman, big bang theory (used to anyways). just started watching game of thrones.
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