Here's a small little thing I wrote a few months into my relationship with my boyfriend.
Let me know what you think. This is pretty much how my writing style is


When I close my eyes, I slip into a daydream of you and me. It's summertime, and we're at my Grandma's farm. You're sitting in the tall grass with your back leaning against the trunk of a tree for support, and my head rests in your lap. I'm laying on my back, making shapes out of clouds and pointing out my findings for you to see. A sweet smile crosses your lips, and then you lean down and those lips meet mine. There's a butterfly or two flitting from flower to plant. In the grass next to us is a couple bags of food, bought from the local gas station since we're too impatient to cook a meal. After the kiss you reach into the bag and grab your diet soda to crack it open. I hear the hiss as the bottled carbination escapes. I tease you and you grin, shooting a wisecrack in my direction. I pretend to be mad and you assure me you're only joking, calling me Babe. If I were mad, holding that grudge against you would be impossible. I roll over onto my stomach, my eyes facing yours and I tell you again how much I love you. You smile and slowly kiss me again. The glowing sun and light breeze match this emotion you've caught me in. This is heaven on Earth.