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    abusive relationship

    my boyfriend's brother [[lol had this backwards at first]] is in an abusive relationship. they are not technically dating though. it's mainly emotional abuse, but at the bar on saturday his not-girlfriend punched him in the mouth because he couldn't find the coat she had lost. he started bleeding all over the bar and she left in a huff, mad at how selfish he was being (?). it was during a going away party because they've been planning a trip to new zealand. he's still planning on leaving this week to go to nz with her for 3 months. we are all really worried about him and don't think that it would be a good idea to go on the trip at all.

    the only thing i can think of to say to him is "imagine that her and her exboyfriend [they're still friends] were going to go on a trip but a week before they left he punched her in the face. as a friend, would you tell her to go on the trip still?" i hate that i have to reverse the gender roles to show how ****ty of a situation this is. we don't know what to do though :/

    she's just a generally awful person, and i guess she gets really ragey and throws/breaks things. she broke her phone on new years because she was mad at the brother. this is the first time she has hit a person, to my knowledge.

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    Yeah, my boyfriend's best friend was there; unfortunately we were not. Once the brother started tearing up, the friend said that he was so drunk and we've all been so sick of her **** that he just instantly started raging. From what I've been told, he (the friend) said that she was treating the nicest guy he's ever met like **** and she needs to get over herself because she's worth less than garbage. That's when she left. It probably didn't help the situation since now she has "well i might have hit you but your friend emotionally abused me".

    But yeah, right in public. The friend said that people within a 5m radius could hear and see everything that was going on and were watching. Also he started bleeding and got blood all over the bar so they also left basically right away.

    My boyfriend sent him a text this morning telling him to be really careful and to think about the situation from different roles and think hard about whether or not her behavior is acceptable. His response is "she's on thin ice and if she does anything like this again we're through." That's going to be really difficult if it happens when he's broke and halfway across the world, though

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    She's crazzzyyyy and he should break up with her and run far, far away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteoleander View Post
    She's crazzzyyyy and he should break up with her and run far, far away.
    the worst part (debatable) is they aren't even dating. he wants to date her and she doesn't want to date him. he's in the ultimate friendzone except also she punches him in the face and makes him drive her everywhere. they do get physical sometimes i think when they're drunk mostly, even while she was dating her exboyfriend. ugh it's such a stupid situation.. his brother is so stupid/easily manipulated

    he's decided he's going but he is going to have some lines she can't cross and if she does he's through, and she's going to work on her rage issues. i think this is an awful idea but what can i do really.

    ugh the second worst part is he won't tell anyone in the family (we found out through the best friend and his brother asked us not to tell anyone) because he wants us to like her and seriously the entire family who is usually really inviting does not like her. i'm not sure if he'll tell anyone else. i kind of hope he has a mark/bruise so she can look at it and feel awful.


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