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    Friends with benefits and such

    Tell me about yours (those of you that have one). What is your relationship like with your fwb? Do you guys go on dates, hang out in groups, or just hook up? People have different takes on fwb...some saying that they are exclusive with them and others saying something completely different. So just tell me about yours.
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    I go to his house like once a week-ish and we hook up, get food, watch movies, hang out, and I spend the night (sometimes 2 nights, because he lives like an hour away). Once in a while one of his friends will come over and we'll all just hang out. When we first started hooking up, we decided we didn't want to date right away, but we'd kind of see where things go. We also never said we wouldn't hook up with other people, but rather we would tell each other if we did (which hasn't happened yet).
    "You guys are basically dating. You went to the grocery store to get stuff to make tacos. You don't do that with someone you're just banging!"

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