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    So something weird is happening...

    I'm in the winter theatre production and I'm working with this guy. He's really nice, funny and gay. I'm basing this on what he's said around me while we were all out at a bar. But he does things like plays with my hair, walks up to me and says a line from our script at random, he tries to scare me, does some random and rather weird things to me and goes completely out of his way to be nice to me. Now I'm super confused because if he were straight I would say he was flirting with me but he's gay, at least I think. I don't know if this is normal because he doesn't act that way towards anyone else in the production, I mean he friendly but not like he is with me. I'm just wondering whether he's just going out of his way to be friends or if there is something else. I mean I'm not hoping that it's the latter but I'm super confused because of it. What do you all think?

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    What makes you think/know he's gay?
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    he's as least bi because he was complaining about his ex-boyfriend

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    sounds like he wants to be friends and you are making it into something it's not
    i mean it's possible he's bi but yeah.
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    wellllll he prob has a friend-crush on you. idk bout you but i have this one gay guy friend who seems to get obsessed with one female friend every couple of months or so. when we first met we hit it off wonderfully and talked a lot and even made out one time, lol. but he moved on to other female friend-crushes. if he likes dudes then i assure you he is not trying to hit it, lol.
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    In my experience, gay guys are often really flirty and overly friendly. I wouldn't think to much of it.
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